David Lin finally meets Davinci Jeremie on Kitco News

A really interesting David Lin Kitco News interview with Davinci Jeremie, one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin, especially due to the fact that he comes from the precious metals space where his channel was about gold and silver. The other thing that makes his take on Bitcoin so special is that he also comes from a software engineering background where he was trying to develop the exact same thing but could not resolve the double spending issue. This half hour interview is jam packed with so much profound info which includes a mini 101 macroeconomic lesson simplifying the very basics of our existing fiat debt based monetary system and why he feels that precious metals have been subjected to such extreme price manipulation for so long. Despite being a Bitcoin Maximalist he has not forgotten his roots and reasons for entering the precious metal space. He fully understands why governments and banks have no choice but to manipulate its price.




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