Another interview with Jim Rogiers

I have just recently been introduced to this guy courtesy of YouTube and Kitco News and I love his incredibly humble, unassuming, unpretentious style.

I think this is only the second time I have ever heard of him despite the fact that he has a long established reputation as a very successful “Value Investor’. However just based on these two short experiences and his short summary of the historical, current and expected future macroeconomic stituation, I am already convinced this guy really knows his stuff.

A few silver and gold coins of advice, buy only what you know, the Stock Market is a big place not just the U.S. and there are always new and existing opportunities out there, including the potential markets that everyone else ignores and hates.

And silver still remains a very interesting safe haven investment option.

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2 thoughts on “Another interview with Jim Rogiers

  1. Thank you Saania but I this was merely a long intro or a form of Copywriting to get you to watch the main performance and stars, Jim Rogiers & Kitco News πŸ™‚


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