CBDCs, Control, Your Wealth and Autonomy – according to John Butler

The future of the digitalization of fiat currencies, the good, the bad and the ugly of it all according to the European Union, The US Federal Government, the IMF …..and a random guy on YouTube called John Butler. I initially just wanted to share that random guy’s version with you but then I realised IContinue reading “CBDCs, Control, Your Wealth and Autonomy – according to John Butler”

Alex Becker’s Path to Millionaire Success – The Beginner Friendly 2023 Edition

For those of you that either already know Alex or are familiar with the content of my blogs, just click on the link below. For those of you that did not take the initial “ClickBait” but for some inexplicable reason just can’t seem to exit this page, then may I suggest exploring my blog spaceContinue reading “Alex Becker’s Path to Millionaire Success – The Beginner Friendly 2023 Edition”

Tip the server in cash!

Daniela Cambone from Stansberry Research brings Rick Rule back on and Rick never disappoints us with this being a particularly very positive, proactive interview in the light of very negative current macroeconomic circumstances. Amongst other things such as ‘Fed rate hikes’ to battle inflation, the subsequent banking crises due to those rate hikes, the ongoingContinue reading “Tip the server in cash!”

“We have been robbed by one of the most boring business ideas in the world!!”

It’s 101 entrepreneurial basics according to Andrew Tate …I know I know again . But no one else can convey the message across like he can while he kicks your backside doing it. So please pay attention!! Disclaimer This blog and links shared must not be viewed or taken as financial advice. This is purelyContinue reading ““We have been robbed by one of the most boring business ideas in the world!!””

Bank Insolvencies explained 101 style

Still trying to get your head around these recent spate of Bank Insolvencies, and the whole market structure that it relies upon. Well maybe popping over to “Dave Weinbaum Show” and reading one of his recent posts might help you. All based on Mary’s local neighborhood bar in Holyoke. All credits Dave Weinbaum. https://www.daveweinbaum.net/single-post/an-economics-lesson DisclaimerContinue reading “Bank Insolvencies explained 101 style”

“Banks are binging on Bonds, but not because they want to”

Searching through the jungle of Twitter, MSM and Social Media noise out there that the Central Planners and Wall Street often use to their advantage to keep the man on the street, retail investor in constant FUD mode, distracted and off balance. But every now and then we find a needle in the haystack worthContinue reading ““Banks are binging on Bonds, but not because they want to””

Now is not the time to focus on short term speculation!!

Teekatiwari_t was live I listened to the Teeka clip again today and decided to re edit this blog cutting out my commentary. This has to be one of the most valuable posts I have heard in over three years of following and listening to some of the most successful investors in the world. He sharesContinue reading “Now is not the time to focus on short term speculation!!”

Build your Moat before your Castle”

In the precious metals space there are a number of ways to gain exposure to the asset starting with the most speculative method, Junior Miners, high risk, high reward potential. Then there are the Mid-Tier Miners, slightly less risk but with the corresponding less reward potential ratio. There are also a number ETFs that givesContinue reading “Build your Moat before your Castle””

Shisa Kanko

Atomic Habits – James Clear Just a small teaser for those who have not considered adding this book to their ‘must read’, bucket list of self help, self improvement books. Chapter 4 – The Man Who Didn’t Look Right You are much more than your conscious self. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it willContinue reading “Shisa Kanko”

Bail In ???

I initially just wanted to share 2 recent videos I listened to giving a stark warning about our commercial high street banks but instead I am just going to point to the title of this blog; ‘Bail in’ as opposed to the traditional ‘Bail Out’ operation ‘that we the general public are more familiar with.Continue reading “Bail In ???”