Why Crypto won’t see another bull market … according to Mark Moss

An introduction to Mark Moss, investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, YouTube content creator, reporter, researcher and writer. Author of the his latest work;

‘The UnCommunist Manifesto: A Message of Hope, Responsibility and Liberty for All.’

Meet him in this video where he shares his personal very unpopular forecast for the future bull run cycles of altcoins. I repeat altcoins and not Bitcoin.

This video clarifies the huge distinction between these two types of crypto assets and his forecast for the one actually indicates the very opposite for the other.

What are the full implications of  crypto currency regulation? Would it be such a big deal if Altcoins would finally be fully regulated and recognised as securities? Well one implication is already implied in the title of this particular YouTube report.

Mark has been receiving a lot of hate and scorn on Twitter for his conclusions and maybe this video will evoke similar emotions in you.

Instead of impulsively reacting the same way throwing all that hate on to Mark, maybe once we hear him out it can wake us up to fully realizing where all that negative energy should really be redirected to. 

As usually I will let Mark explain giving credit where credit is due.

If this video was not enough listen to his whole take of the FTX fiasco on the Rich Dad Radio Show. You can Google or YouTube search, that one.

Closely connected with this video Mark shares another stark warning;

If your exchange has any kind of yield, lending or borrowing product that exchange can be exposed to the contagion that is still reaping fatal financial casualties across the whole crypto space.





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