The bursting of the everything bubble.

Harry Dent The Contrary Contraian Economist.

One of those economist that is willing to stick his neck out by giving timelines when he expects this or that to happen.

Someone that may have few friends in agreement because he not only challenges mainstream investing strategies but also contrarian ones as well.

He basically predicts a 86% equity market crash and a bear market recession that even Gold and Bitcoin will not be exempted from.

A Kitco News interview that should interest both the active and non-active investor.

The latter being those that solely rely on the pure act of ‘owning a home’ that they believe can protect, preserve and steadily grow their wealth.

Even ‘the have nots’ home owners that may have given up on any hope of ever owning one, should also take note.

Because as always in times like these

One man’s loss can become another mans gain‘.

He still sees existing alternative safe haven options ( in the hated asset sectors )

Despite his short term doomsday prophecy he believes that both gold and bitcoin will still have their place in that post bubble everything crash future of things.

Based on what he claims and what I understood it seems that the potential profitability of those assets will be for that future younger investing generation, over 10 years from now.

By then cryptos place in our economy will be fully established due to;

the digitalisation of all financial assets

and the emerging markets of India and South East Asian will revive a

new bull market rally for Gold

primarily due to the historical and cultural relationship of its population with that particular precious metal.

Is he wrong, is he right? You decide.

The only other question I wish the beautiful and always perfectly articulated Michelle Makori had posed was;

What about the push towards national digital fiat currencies and the move towards that new world reserve currency of SDRs and the Globalist Great Reset Plan?

Wouldn’t this impact investors freedom, ability and choice to hold, use and invest their cash, that Harry believes retail investors should hold onto right now until that next;

The Sale of a lifetime

opportunity arises after ‘that everything bubble crash’ has expired?

His spending wave theory;


Both this blog and the link provided should not be taken as financial advice and is shared purely for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own personal research and consult a financial expert if needed before you make any financial or investing decision.

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