Our Inner Beauty

​ Our initial attraction to another human being is primarily  based  on what we see and hear in them but after a while as you get to know that person their inner soul or character comes to the foreground. It finally reaches the point that when you look at that person you see their innerContinue reading “Our Inner Beauty”

No Messenger No Life!!

I recently created a new public group called; “The FB Messenger Resistance Group” for a small group of people on this planet that hate being dictated too by large powerful commercial entities like Facebook. I thought I was virtually alone in being so angry with Mr Zuckerberg with forcing me to install the FB messengerContinue reading “No Messenger No Life!!”

Life begins at fifty

I could never imagine myself making such a statement thirty years ago. My impression of someone of that age is quite different from how I feel about myself right now. I also acknowledge that this feeling will not apply to everyone. I think that there are so many factors involved. Things like health, marital status,Continue reading “Life begins at fifty”

A film about Depression

This is a blog by Libba Bray. After reading this blog it reminded me of how I felt after watching the 1997 version of the film “The Titanic” and the 2009 film “Avater”. Glued to my seat, mouth still wide open watching the credits rolling down while everyone else was exiting the cinema hall. IContinue reading “A film about Depression”

Defense Mechanism

When my second relationship ended in a second divorce within a year I was talking to my son about how I had moved in with my suitcases half unpacked because you have to be prepared that things might not work out. I think my son would be a better blogger than me because he doesContinue reading “Defense Mechanism”