The crypto novice and his search engine browser

After recently checking out and being impressed with the not so much talked about DAI Stable Coin I wanted to check out possible alternatives to this one that might be more common in usage and have more advantages.

This was actually the first time in three years where the motive had nothing to do with investing, HODLing or profit trading purposes. It was purely about the everyday practical use cases of crypto currencies in simply being able to transfer a monetary value from A to B via an alternative medium outside of our existing SWIFT based banking system with its continued rompslomp, time consuming, expensive and ever increasingly restrictive interrogating requirements that seems to have already sentenced it’s even long established customers to criminal status by default. We have to prove that we are not criminals. We have to prove that we are not trying to white wash or traffic the insignificant amounts of money we are trying to send to family, friends and simple self employed persons and small business owners that we wish to do business with or undertake some work for us.

However this article has less to do with 

‘Which stablecoin?’  

and everything to do with

 ‘What Search Engines?’ 

you are using it in your research and how you use them.

I started to imagine how a complete crypto novice looking into these alternative possibilities would react to the search results that I found.😳

To start with, the first mistake I feel many people make is relying solely on the search results they find via their primary default browser Google.

This in fact is a whole separate topic in itself which I will omit here.

I gave up on that habit years ago.

Anyway along came privacy based, anti-cookie, Freedom Fighter Search Engine machines and Browsers such as the likes of Duckduckgo that both reject and do not store your internet activity by default. It’s something you have to switch on …. everytime you use it. This guarantees not only your privacy but also prevents the browser interfering with what you find and in which particular order.

But recently it seems that even Duckduckgo has succumbed to external pressure and has now been compromised, all in the name of the so-called ongoing fight against ‘misinformation’. While obviously and quite rightly not wanting to be a tool in the dissemination of misinformation and fake news we have to still pose the Fact Checking question;

‘Who gets to decide what is and what is not misinformation?’

End of that topic. (yet another separate topic for discussion)

Anyway at present I am currently using Brave as my supposedly censorship-free fault browser (until proven otherwise that is) that despite its sometimes limited search results does seem to be providing me with somewhat less biased based search results. 

Anway going back to my original search request about stable coins I entered the following question;

“Best crypto currencies for non trading purposes”

With this one notable result catching my eye;

However due to the fact that I did not find any other relevant links I change the wording of my question;

“Best stable coins to transact in”

I then got a very interesting first result response;

Basically a very similar question but with two very different answers. One extremely negative and the other very positive. Now going back to that person mentioned in the beginning of this article that’s looking into this whole crypto space for the first time, how do you think his opinion will be influenced by these two search results and specifically if he only consulted one not bothering to adjust his search request?

I really had issues with the Forbes article that was so obviously negatively biased against the whole crypto space with absolutely no mention of the continued use of fiat based currencies in criminal activity that is still actively being utilized. Counter arguments claiming that due to non erasability of certain crypto currencies on the Block Chain actually makes them more vulnerable to investigation, due to the public availability of any and all transactions on the blockchain. Anyway once again a whole separate topic of debate.

But endeavoring to keep true to my own philosophy of challenging my existing paradigms I am still glad I discovered this article. It gave me new insights into the extent of the criminal uses of crypto currencies. It helps me in constantly regulating and adjusting my paradigm in a positive and balanced way. I can continue my educational journey in this space without being completely naive and oblivious to the dark side of crypto.😈

However I usually prefer articles that present the data, information and arguments in a neutral way where the author then takes a step back giving you the mental space and time to think, digest and decide for yourself.

I guess my basic message is be very critical of the information being presented to you online.

Be very cautious of both negative and positive biases out there. 

Always double check and compare using different search engines and browsers before you form a conclusion or reaffirm an existing one.

Owning a;

‘Diversified Search Engine/Browser Crypto ETF Portfolio’

maybe 🤔.

A jan 2023 update:

Please check out my new blog dated january 2023;

Stable coin

Browsers and Search Engines


Examples of Search Engine Censorship and abuses


This article and any links shared should not be viewed as financial advice. Always do your own due diligence before making financial decisions or converting funds into any asset tangible or intangible such as crypto or stable coins.

This article and links shared does not represent or express the personal opinion of

It is purely written for entertainment purposes only.

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