Entrepreneur 101 according to Andrew Tate

I have been introduced to some of the most paradoxically opposites as regards types of entrepreneurs and investors, on my ever, ongoing learning journey, each with their own unique traits and ticks that quite often repel the majority while being instantly embraced by a minority. 

Only after a period of going unnoticed do these individuals finally start to get noticed, followed and if not respect at least reluctant recognition due to their proven track record of success. 

So for those that have either never heard of Andrew Tate or those that would either immediately be or already were repelled by his kickboxing, webcam girl industry, supposedly most violent, women unfriendly misogynistic boisterous, macho, gold chains, luxury watches and fast car reputation, image and lifestyle, I thought I would take it upon myself to introduce (or reintroduce) him to you where all the valid (or invalid) reasons for not giving him a chance to share his entrepreneurial knowledge, wisdom and experience with you can now possibly be put to one side.

Love him or hate him, never turn your nose up to blunt, honest and brutal truths of what it takes to become a succesful entrepreneural.

Emory Andrew Tate III

Hustlers University Part I

leaked šŸ¤«

The MainStream Media version of Andrew Tate


An alternative media version of Andrew Tate


This Blog and links provided should not be taken as financial or entrepreneurial advice and everyone should do their own personal research and due diligence before undertaking any enterprise or investment. These actions involve risk that could lead to complete loss of capital invested. This blog equally does not necessarily reflect the viewpoint and opinion of the editor and merely provides insights into alternative mindsets, opinions and strategies that exist.

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