The ultimate act of charity

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This whole interview is another financial banquet for the progressive investor looking for new ideas and insights to add to his or her existing wealth building strategies.

But once again, I get sidetracked from the main topics being discussed in this interview when Michael at the 30 minute marker completely transforms one question of concern posed by James into a whole new paradigm that should be extracted from this interview and engraved in “Blockchain” stone.

In fact I would go a stage further and get that sentence “tokenized” and placed in the NFT market space as one of those eternalised “quotes of a lifetime”.

The formulation and composition of words is a gifted artform in itself.

But I must quickly add that Michael Saylor does not plan to do this. How he is already giving back, is how he plans to ultimately give back via The Saylor Academy. A non-profit initiative that is striving to become a fully fledged, degree granting, university. The goal being,

“Free education for everyone forever”

Why Bitcoin – Michael Saylor interview with host James from InvestAnswers;

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