The ultimate act of charity

This whole interview is another financial banquet for the progressive investor looking for new ideas and insights to add to his or her existing wealth building strategies. But once again, I get sidetracked from the main topics being discussed in this interview when Michael at the 30 minute marker completely transforms one question of concernContinue reading “The ultimate act of charity”

Keanu Reeves

These are the types of people that I admire and want to imitate. Not necessarily to his extreme but instead of going to the other extreme of bragging and living the shameless luxury lifestyle, you remain normal, humble and true to yourself, choosing to remain and live amongst the common working class people.  If andContinue reading “Keanu Reeves”

The Bitcoin dump. Zoom out instead of freaking out!

Well I guess if anyone is going to know a thing or two about Bitcoin it’s going to be Didi Taihuttu, his wife, and three kids. Because after selling everything back in 2016 and buying into Bitcoin bear market and instead of panicking with the price collapse in 2018 only went and bought more Bitcoin,Continue reading “The Bitcoin dump. Zoom out instead of freaking out!”