What is Bitcoin today according to Lyn Alden

I know I am still infatuated with this woman’s incredible macroeconomic knowledge and her very analytical dissection of both current economic issues and strategies being used to control it. 

One of the things I have always noted about Lyn is her absolute political neutrality and seeming refusal to get emotionally charged or excited about any topic being discussed.

Whether it’s the seemingly insane mass money printing policies or Bitcoin’s very strong ‘Bull Run’ indicators she never allows her emotions to dictate her evaluations or words.

She is not going to dogmatically state whether the governments chosen strategy is good or bad. She is not going to try and influence people to get out onto the streets, demonstrate, demand for immediate re elections and a new government.

“This is the problem, here are a number of options, this is the one that the government chose. Here’s a similar historical example showing the same problem, the strategy used and final outcome.”

This can also be seen in this particular Kitco News interview when responding to David Lin’s question posed at the 14:15 minute marker. 

Despite her own vested interest in Bitcoin after having thoroughly scrutinised every component of this asset and finally concluding that it does have very strong fundamentals worthy of forming a part of her own portfolio, I found her response to that question very noteworthy and highlights a typical characteristic of Contrarian Style Investors.

But once again, I will take a step back and allow you to draw your own conclusions.


(The whole interview and topics being discussed are equally interesting,  such as stagflation, the biggest macroeconomic risk, inflation hedges, Bitcoin vs alt coins and finally but not least, the ‘is Winter really coming for Bitcoin?

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