“Banks are binging on Bonds, but not because they want to”

Searching through the jungle of Twitter, MSM and Social Media noise out there that the Central Planners and Wall Street often use to their advantage to keep the man on the street, retail investor in constant FUD mode, distracted and off balance. But every now and then we find a needle in the haystack worth taking note of, that just might make the difference between suffering loss, breaking even or even better still actually making a profit,which we otherwise would not have made.

Balaji Srinivasan Stapled Tweet from 17th March twitter post.

A tweet that was discussed at length on YouTube (see link below) and did initially prompt me to delete my previous blog about ‘the continued existence of Physical Fiat Currency, Commercial Banks and freedom … because I obviously have no idea what I am talking about 😀 . But by the end of that interview I felt encouraged somewhat to repost it.  

Regardless of whether you would consider following his Bitcoin Escape Plan to a Bitcoin Friendly Zone, State or Country, reading his Twitter thread does give the ordinary laymen some extra insights into this recent series of banking collapses and just how bad the contagion is. He backs up his claims with official blue linked archived articles dating back to 2021 websites. Basically showing that all the banks knew this situation was coming from nearly two years ago but failed to inform and warn their depositors. The New York Times article (see link below) also showed that the banks had very little choice.

I personally find that reading articles like these helps you to weigh up and critically analyze current mainstream opinions, narratives and statements being published from both official sources and alternative media.

Note Belaji beliefs about the 90 day T Bills which are also normally viewed as a very low risk, short term safe haven option.


The The New York Times; “Banks are binging on bonds, but not because they want to”


the tweet is discussed at length in Anthony Pompliano YouTubeChannel 



This blog and links shared must not be viewed or taken as financial advice. This is purely shared for reading entertainment purposes only. Always do your own due diligence and research and or  consult a professional financial advisor,if necessary, before making any financial decisions or investments.

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