Now is not the time to focus on short term speculation!!

Teekatiwari_t was live

I listened to the Teeka clip again today and decided to re edit this blog cutting out my commentary.

This has to be one of the most valuable posts I have heard in over three years of following and listening to some of the most successful investors in the world.

He shares his knowledge with so much passion, fire and humor with absolutely no ulterior motive of trying to sell you anything except taking his precious advice to heart.

“Now is not the time to focus on short term speculation!!”

“Now is the time to focus on wealth preservation and cutting your losses to a bare minimum”,.. in which Teeka has no doubt is going to occur.

He also gives 101 explanations about the bond markets and why Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and where you can best preserve your liquid assets for the short term.

When a veteran investor with decades of experience speaks we stop and listen.

Teekatiwari_t was live 

If the link does not work, search through his list of video uploads in his Instagram account.


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