When Fiat currency can still be your smart investing friend

Anthony Pompliano sets up an online interview with Dr Jeffrey W. Ross. 

The founder and managing director of Vailshire Capital Management, LLC and Vailshire Partners, LP.

His original education and profession in comparison to what he has become now is another story in itself and reminds me of Lyn Alden that also went through a career metamorphosis.

Their supposedly unrelated backgrounds, maybe just the factor that has contributed to their track record of success. Probably due to their analytical training and approaches to problems and challenges that they had to develop in their original field of expertise, in Lyn’s case as an Electrical Engineer and as an Interventional and Diagnostic Radiologist in the case of Jeff.

All I know is that when I listen to them I always gain additional and slightly alternative insights into playing the game of strategic investing. The title of this blog is based on one such alternative opinion.

I have already said too much, listen to Dr Jeffrey and judge for yourselves. It’s another great interview with Anthony that will not disappoint.




This blog and links shared must not be viewed or taken as financial advice. Always do your own diligent research and consult a professional if necessary before making any financial decisions or investments.

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