Be Awesome in the Minority Mindset.

An introduction to Mr Jaspreet Singh founder of Mindset minority with Tom Bilyeu.

Not only must you never judge a book by its cover, you must also never judge a person’s ability to provide value based on his colour, race or creed.

I can only imagine some of the initial prejudices Jaspreet has to overcome in trying to convince and attract new clients to his platforms, but for those who are willing to give him a chance, he does not disappoint.

I have been watching, listening to, reading and studying what now seems like thousands of hours of YouTube videos, Podcasts, Financial Literacy books and online courses, from some of the most successful and experienced entrepreneurs and investors in the world and yet by listening to just two videos with Jaspreet a number of ‘101 investing basics’ were suddenly fully clarified for me. Names and terms I kept hearing but never really fully understood.

He has this incredible ability to simplify the complicated and explain it in a compacted way.  

But maybe this particular interview also has to do with the host Tom Bilyeu.Tom considered himself

a good Entrepreneur but a bad Investor.

However within two years that has changed for the better dramatically.

Also his interaction with Jaspreet created a kind of synergy field where both drew out the full potential of the other. Jaspreet’s ability to teach combined with Tom’s ability to learn by constantly asking the right questions until both he and his audience gets it.

However Tom does seem to have one issue though ……

…… he seems to be colour blind. 😎 😅

I guess my primary message here is to be like Tom, always maintain your thirst for the best knowledge out there with an open heart and mind.

Don’t remain narrow minded, rigid and cramped in your thinking judging things or persons on superficial face value factors. Don’t let that line of thinking or attitude influence your assessment of whom you deemed qualified and worthy to teach you something new of value.

Your personal investing Guru might even look like a physical one.

Be awesome in The Minority Mindset.

Mindset minority

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