Price does not always equal utility

Crypto O Wendy

Sometimes it’s those spontaneous totally unprepared posts that provide some of the best value and … timely warnings.

She is not afraid to expose herself as regards the mistakes she made even in her recent past despite her proven experience. While she is still a Bitcoin Maximalist she is equally not a naive Tribalist. If she discovers something negative in something that she believes in she will acknowledge it for what it is and state it openly. And maybe just maybe, …she can see something unfolding that others can’t or simply refuse to see.


Once again this is not financial advice and is purely written and shared for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own thorough research, seek professional advice if need be and draw your own conclusions before you buy, sell or …..withdraw your crypto assets and fiat currencies from those exchanges!! 😐

Just a little update that seems to confirm and verify Wendy’s list … the ‘Class A’ type Crypto Exchanges according to Forbes;

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