Wars destroy currencies – Period

Someone who has never heard of Robert Moriarty and his life story and accomplishments might be initially inclined to view him as some crazy old man with some deranged ideas about, The WHO, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the W.E.F. and that they along with the new political elite are waging a far greater and global war against the common people as a whole who merely desire true freedom. This ongoing battle has even greater implications than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other hot spots areas such as China, Taiwan, Iran, Israel etc.

Despite David Lin seeming to be in complete bewilderment as to what Robert is talking about, he continues to respectfully listen and further tactically interrogate Robert, diverting that theme back to its implication for Gold investors.

And when it comes to his arguments for Gold then you will do yourself a disservice if you choose not to listen to him. 

Knowledge is power and one of the greatest forms of defence against the economic tumultuous times we now found ourselves in. Both war, recession and economic turmoil are nothing new to Robert both by personal experience and an incredible knowledge and understanding of the history of the final outcomes of various monetary policies from around the globe.

This has caused Robert to draw a number of conclusions about monetary policies one of which forms the title of this blog.




Both this blog and links provided should not be taken as giving financial advice and is written and shared for purely for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own personal research and consult a professional if necessary before making an financial investment or trade of any kind.

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