Self deception – the most difficult form to acknowledge and defeat. (The Crypto edition)

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I just published this blog in my other miscellaneous, books that inspired me, life experience section but I am going to repost it here with an additional piece of content and link directly related to the crypto space. Because a large majority of book lovers have absolutely no interest in Crypto and vice versa đŸ˜ƒ

But I really believe this ‘I love this book’ intro creates a perfect background for that additional content.

I thought I had already shared a post discussing Stephen’s thorough and extensive definition of what a Paradigm is but searching through my published blogs I realized I only blogged about practical applications of this definition in conjunction with the other habits and principles he discusses in later chapters.

I strongly recommend everyone to read (or reread) his initial introduction to this topic.

Merriam-Webster or any other of the major word dictionaries does not do its fullness definition justice. As of yet I have not come across another source that explains the deep meaning of this word so thoroughly combined with its very serious and sobering implications.

The reason being that the implications of this word are being played out even more than ever before in more of a negative, divisive and destructive way than its positive capabilities. There are so many forces preaching conflicting narratives, all trying to persuade, convince and manipulate us into following their idea, path or solution with little to no stimulation to think for ourselves and doing our own research.

Ironically though, that thinking for ourselves is also not without blame or danger. Despite all these external sources bombarding us, the greatest danger actually lies within us. The chance of being misled externally is directly dependent on our internal state of being.

To quote one sentence in that chapter that perfectly sums up the message Stephen is trying to convey to us;

We see the world, not as it is, but as we are – or, as we are conditioned to see it.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Paradigms and Principles


Page 23 

His conclusions coincided with a conclusion I gradually came to ranging over many years of learning the lesson the hard way;

“Just because I am thoroughly convinced about something does mean that it is, I could still be completely wrong and or have been thoroughly deceived.”

The motivation to review Stephens definition and write this blog actually came from a YouTube influencer Alex Becker (that actually has a heckle with influencers and discourages people to listen to them)

He is always very blunt, raw and profane and many retail crypto traders get quickly offended with his approach. But when you look beyond his manners and style he gives some very deep, wise valuable advice that all should apply in their investing strategy.

I additionally recommend that crypto traders set some time aside to listen to this particular post and take notes. Even though we may not  like every name he calls us, 

(6m 25s time stamp for example)

you are guaranteed to save money, make and keep those profits by applying his advice.

Don’t let influencers, tribalism, the masses F.U.D. and F.O.M.O. control your personal investing strategy. Allow a paradigm that’s based on the raw, blunt truth of reality to do that for you.

Always be willing to challenge your own habits, customs, convictions and beliefs and turn around if you finally realize you are actually heading the wrong way.

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