Alex Becker Bitcoin Basement. A perspective reminder 

I just watched a two month old video from Alex Becker where everyone was still speculating whether Bitcoin bottom was here at just under $16000 . Even though Bitcoin’s price has taken off since then to nearly 40% gains he reminds us just how big Bitcoin is at present in relation to the macro marketContinue reading “Alex Becker Bitcoin Basement. A perspective reminder “

The best time to buy or sell

When Alex Becker shifts his attention from the bottom listed microcap altcoins that he has been so successfully trading these last few years to Bitcoin and some of the top ten layer one Alt coins then you have to take note. When even the long term believers seem to be running out of positive thingsContinue reading “The best time to buy or sell”

Self deception – the most difficult form to acknowledge and defeat. (The Crypto edition)

I just published this blog in my other miscellaneous, books that inspired me, life experience section but I am going to repost it here with an additional piece of content and link directly related to the crypto space. Because a large majority of book lovers have absolutely no interest in Crypto and vice versa 😃Continue reading “Self deception – the most difficult form to acknowledge and defeat. (The Crypto edition)”

Whales dumping Bitcoin. Whats really going on?

Alex Becker’s Channel on YouTube Love him or hate in him, there seems some strange element of truth in his words. One of the quotes that keeps ringing in my ears is, “you make money when you buy not sell” not saying that you should never sell but that the basis for the profit fromContinue reading “Whales dumping Bitcoin. Whats really going on?”

How Alex Becker …. a Bitcoin believer, believes Bitcoin will experience one of its worst ever crashes

This is weird! Alex Becker came to a similiar conclusion as I did two months earlier, primarily due to those very same big institions that supposedly now believe in Bitcoin and its future. To cut a long story short ….. ‘they don’t and never will’. Where do the huge profits made on Bitcoin come from??