Baker Island

Baker Island has been experiencing, very unusual, solar flare generated, electromagnetic thunderstorms for several days now and its not only caused severe power outages lasting for up to 24 hours but it has also initiated a ‘Quantum Momentum Time Leap Delay Phenomenon’ known as ‘the clock has stop ticking syndrome’. Basically pushing an Island that was already running a day late even further back in time. …… It’s now still last week here!! 

Click here to see the official Baker Island time;

Its has always been difficult keeping the rest of the world fully informed and up to date with our Islands current affairs because the rest of the world receives it as ‘yesterday’s news’ ……and that has never been a trending topic ……… (except possibly for historians) 

Anyway we are hoping to find a mid to long term solution to our predicament via a special application to the United Nations Security Council. We will be requesting an exemption to the ‘Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty’ to allow us to power up a Xbox 360 game console (with VR capabilities) that will be running on the decentralised BlockChain platform. The nuclear power generated should be enough to teleport the whole Island back into the future, thereby catching up with the rest of the world.

This whole moving Island Technology thing is based on a pre existing concept that was depicted in its very primitive form in the 2004 to 2010 TV series of ‘Lost’

Once all the nodes on the Block chain have confirmed and recorded our arrival we will have erasable evidence of our real time existence again. 

However we will be taking advantage of this ‘small window of opportunity’ by making an additional application to ‘The Royal Observatory of Greenwich’ 


the founding father of our Greenwich Mean Time ……… in Greenwich.

We will be applying for a new world time zone position that will basically put us at 23 hours ahead of our current timing position. 

This would have a number of very significant positive benefits for the Island including improving our punctuality status, which in turn would definitely help to improve morale on the Island. This would also help to combat depression and substance abuse on the Island once again primarily due to students and business owners extreme difficulties in meeting deadlines and always having to attend courses, events or business meetings (via platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype) a day before they are actually planned. 

This new time zone position could create some disadvantages as regards the imports of food though. Fresh food with a short life span that previously enjoyed a two day status of freshness would now be reduced to less than one day on arrival due to its immenent ‘out of date’ stamp. 

But once again looking on the positive side we are hoping that this new time zone status could attract new commercial interest, Investors, Entrepreneurs and even social media Influencers due to its new ‘leading the way’, ‘I have a head start’ geographical location and advance zone time position. 

Finally this new time slot position would help compensate for any future electro magnetic time delaying storms that would gradually erode this advance world time zone position. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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