When 100 is worth more than a 1000

I had originally written the following title;

“To those WordPress members that have started following me. Why??”

But all I really want to say is;

Thank you for sacrificing some of your precious time to take a peek into my ‘WordPress Space’ and on the basis of that brief visit considered this space worth ‘following’.

In fact I consider gaining over a 100 followers on WordPress a greater accomplishment than a 1000 on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

The latter primarily uses vivid images, appealing videos or good looks to attract its audience and lure them into impulsively subscribing.

Appreciating beauty & design is one thing, but it should not be used as the basis to determine whether the written or spoken content has any value or not.

You are a unique audience because you pay direct attention to the words

You do not judge a book by its cover.

So the content of those ‘words‘ need to be good, right from the start, to gain and keep your attention.

My original goal in starting this particular blog has not really changed.

It’s an open space where I can simply share my thoughts through ‘words‘ and share the ‘words’ of other people that have impressed me with their thoughts. 

And maybe something in my content, can inspire you to share something in return.

So in the end it’s not even about how many followers you can gain …… it’s about how many people you can inspire.

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Life begins at fifty something

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