The lockdown awakening.

Image by Queven from Pixabay

Just thinking aloud again

When this whole lockdown pandemic is over and we can finally fully grieve and mourn the hundreds of thousands of victims that have been abruptly tnken away from us, while we breath less polluted air and as we stare into clearer smog free blue skies, accompanied by an live musical orchestra of feathered musicians known as birds in the local lingo) singing amongst the bushes, plants, flowers and trees that are now in full bloom, while feeling the slightly less harmful warm rays of the sun as it penetrates hnd gradually starts tanning our somewhat bleak looking skin ……..

…..after being in confinement in our homes where we were forced to think and meditate over our insane and hectic lifestyles, with some of us finally waking up to the reality of what we have been doing to this planet all these decades, and realising the vanity and fragility of the very luxuries and riches we were striving for, realising how we were also contributing to the pollution of our atmosphere with our constant quest and thirst to travel and explore every accessible part of this globe…….

……..being forced to realise how little we really do need to be truly happy and content despite being confined to fixed geographical locations that are scattered around this whole huge planet of ours……….

………… that happiness for some involved just being with their spouse, partner, children, extended family, best friend, pet. That being able to possess, practice, listen or express their faith in prayer, or their spirituality through meditation, or listen to or playing their music through an instrument was sufficient to feel fulfilled and content. Or just being able to go for a ride, walk or run within their local surroudings still gave them the feeling of being an fearless explorer…..but without the travel expense, bagage and passport. While some became fully engrossed in their domestic botanic garden or pot plants full of tomatoes herbs and spices on their balcony …….while for others the definition of happiness was having a lifelong supply of toilet paper, coffee, and a high speed internet connection…..

….but why am I getting this feeling that when we are finally set free and by some miracle some of us can have the opportunity to go back to our old jobs, lives and routine…….. that some of us will still hesitate …….and that some of us …….won’t…..

…..don’t mind me just thinking aloud…… it applies to me just as much as anyone else ……..its just a feeling , its just a vibe in the moment …..that will probably disappear …..quickly dispersing back into the thin….. newly polluted atmosphere.

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