Just another short 'Life is a journey' blog

Just thinking out aloud again writing down stuff that has been expressed before. Its based on a simple observation how SOME people seem to be so busy rushing and panicking to complete their bucket list before they die that it almost seems as if they have visited a thousand different places but were ‘present’ none.

The journey is not only about the destination, so sit back and enjoy the ride.
Although you are in motion try standing still,… in your mind, taking the time to connect with people around you while observe your surroundings, enjoying the views and appreciating every simple, good and positive moment and sensation that comes your way.  Many of the most memorable moments in life were those that were unexpected, spontaneous and not planned.           

When you have finally reached your destination or goal take the TIME to enjoy it physically, mentally and emotionally instead or filling your minds immediately with plans for your next destination.

because in the end our lives are made up of thousands of tiny moments that exists in the present,

so slow down, live and savour the ‘NOW‘ moments to their fullest.

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