A real world coin vs a virtual one

I did not realise that Davincij15 was a prominent precious metal investor before becoming a cryptocurrency guro. 

But it’s very interesting to watch a younger, innocent, fresher looking Davincij15 talking about this new phenomenon and the incredible potential for ease of sending value internationally while at the same time still believing in the need to own precious metals for local transactional use.

But it’s what he then says about precious metals, those middle men and what you need to watch out for in real world precious metal coins that drove home a very powerful point to me why the online virtual world coins have become so popular today.

As I stated in a previous blog about our fiat currency and our banking system that I now see also applies to the precious metal markets, it’s their flaws and vulnerabilities that are making crypto what it is today. 

Two short videos that should speak for themselves and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Two American Eagles

No middle man

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