Embrace those ocean eyes

This is a rewrite of a blog I published a few months ago.  I just wanted to share a simple song I was listening to on Apple Music; Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes. I vaguely remember the song but never really knew the artist. A beautiful song that reminds me of the incredible power andContinue reading “Embrace those ocean eyes”

The Pool Party – A slightly different meaning in the Afro Latin social dancing scene.

I was trying to find some more lessons for solo salsa dancing when I stumbled across this casino partner dancing lesson. This is a very interesting video to watch for anyone out there that has never seen or experienced salsa dance lessons. If you realise that salsa dancers (under normal non Covid circumstances) follow lessonsContinue reading “The Pool Party – A slightly different meaning in the Afro Latin social dancing scene.”

Just like love ❤ it’s all about the music.

Still learning, trying, growing, making mistakes and sometimes starting all over again. Sometimes people tell me that they could never learn to dance and I tell them  “I still can’t 😃”  and if they think I can ……  …….then they can as well” The main requirement to be a good dance student is more aboutContinue reading “Just like love ❤ it’s all about the music.”

When Tracy McMillan speaks we listen.

A woman that seems to have a natural gift in identifying relationship issues shares her blunt and controversial advice to women. But for those women that are willing to at least give her a chance to speak so that they can finally discover the true environement for love. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-youre-not-married_b_822088

True love and its chemistry, who can really explain it?

I actually know quite a few women in real life that I think like me. In some ways they are ideal dating candidates as regards character, personality, attractiveness, age, geographical location, family situation, independant financial standing and our shared passions and interest. I really enjoy my friendship with them and engaging with them in ourContinue reading “True love and its chemistry, who can really explain it?”

Our Inner Beauty

​ Our initial attraction to another human being is primarily  based  on what we see and hear in them but after a while as you get to know that person their inner soul or character comes to the foreground. It finally reaches the point that when you look at that person you see their innerContinue reading “Our Inner Beauty”

A film about Depression

This is a blog by Libba Bray. After reading this blog it reminded me of how I felt after watching the 1997 version of the film “The Titanic” and the 2009 film “Avater”. Glued to my seat, mouth still wide open watching the credits rolling down while everyone else was exiting the cinema hall. IContinue reading “A film about Depression”