Financial awareness. Why. You are now in the future tomorrow of yesterday. Part I

If you do not need any convincing arguments as to why you need to be financially aware then you can skip this blog and go straight my Part II Blog – ‘ How’ with the similiar title.

“money is not important”

“life is short” 

 “I could die tomorrow”,

 “you only live once”, 

“live now not tomorrow” 

“Life is made up of experiences not things”

A collection of quotes & slogans that explains the reasoning behind many of the decisions people make on a daily basis. Regardless of the assumed practicality, common sense and wisdom of some of those decisions we cannot deny the truthfulness of the majority of these quotes. 

Yes we live a fleeting uncertain life with no guarantee that we will still be around tomorrow. Yes it is very important to live now appreciating every blessing and positive vibe that crosses our path. Yes many people have listened to the words of famous and supposedly very successful people that were sharing their final thoughts and regrets on their deathbed about what really matters in life. The vast majority draw the same basic conclusion; that in the end it’s about giving and receiving of your time, energy and love, having and preserving family relationships and the existence of true and loyal friendships. The complete opposite of what you would imagine them saying after working so long and hard finally attaining incredible successes in their careers, entrepreneurial journeys, accumulated wealth, assets and their final minimal six figure bank statement. Unfortunately so many come to this realisation when it’s too late because they sacrificed more valuable experiences to attain things basically.

But does this still mean that money should have no importance or priority in our lives? Should we shun financial awareness and just live as if there is no tomorrow?

Well after deciding to split my blog into two parts I decided that this first blog should focus on the ‘why’ part of financial awareness and that the second one should focus on the ‘how’ to be financial aware and a few things we need to be weary of in doing so. So to continue with the ‘why’ of things;

I would like to try and provide an answer to that question by posing some more questions;

Does living now mean that you must not sacrifice any of your ‘now’ time to prepare and provide something for yourself and loved ones tomorrow? 

If we do think about and make some preparations for that tomorrow what is the full definition of the word tomorrow

24 hours?     A week?    A month?    A year maybe?

Is it possible that tomorrow could include several years if not decades? 

Or are we absolutely convinced that we will be long dead by then and it is absolutely pointless thinking or making any preparation or sacrifices now for that elusive day?

Did you also notice the slight contradiction between the first and the last quote?

Your life experiences although having some, will be very limited if you don’t have any money. 

Many of us betray ourselves even when we do not always want to admit it. Although we do sacrifice a large portion of our now moments by working full time to pay for the necessities of tomorrow (such as food, clothing and shelter)  the way we use and spend the available funds that are left over, reveal our real attitude towards money. Further self betrayal is also revealed in our personal perception and definition of the word necessities. Sometimes that money is already spent before it even shows up on our bank balance sheet. Sometimes it never shows up positively on our bank balance sheet.

The fact is we live in, the instant gratification, must have now, age because…. we (think) we deserve it. Based on the daily exposure through advertising mediums including social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram we have become convinced that everyone else has done and experienced everything and that this is the norm. So we create an endless bucket list of must do, must see, must experience things that we must tick of to be able to experience a normal, fulfilling, rewarding and happy life ……. before we unexpectedly figuratively speaking, kick the bucket, tomorrow. (We are merely exercising and demanding our fundamental human rights as laid out in the Geneva Convention, that’s all.)

A few more questions for those of you that may see themselves in this predicament (to some very very slight extent).

How long have you been living this lifestyle? A year, two years, or maybe even five years? How far have you got in ticking off your bucket list? How did those experiences make you feel then? How do you feel now? Can you still feel the good vibes from them?

Have these experiences made you a better person? Are you showing more love and giving back? Do you feel more loved as a person? Have these past experiences improved your general lot (finances included) in life? 

What about now?

Has your carefree, happy go lucky life, abruptly ended? Maybe due to an unexpected incident,  illness, accident or some family, relationship issue? Or maybe even an unplanned family expansion?

Well here we are, all of us right now (reading this irritating blog)…….

living in that future tomorrow of yesterday, still alive and still kicking (and I am not talking about that bucket)


After rereading my block I decided that it as way too long so I have split it into two parts. Have a break digest this first part and come back in a day or two to read Part II.

Just like love ❤ it’s all about the music.

Still learning, trying, growing, making mistakes and sometimes starting all over again.

Sometimes people tell me that they could never learn to dance and I tell them 

“I still can’t 😃” 

and if they think I can …… 

…….then they can as well”

The main requirement to be a good dance student is more about ‘passion’ and choosing a dance style with music that ‘touches your heart’. When you dance to music you truly love you dance differently with more intensity and passion.

It’s a lifelong learning journey where (for some of us anyway) we realise we have to go ‘back to basics’ …again ..and again… and again. Everyone progresses at different speeds and you must never compare or try to compete with anyone else. Your only measurement of success is yourself by looking back in time and observing your own progress.

Its the type of music you are always listening to even when you’re not dancing, so even during times of discouragement in progress, sometimes when your seemingly taking two step backwards … that love for the music will carry you through …..

in fact the music will not allow you to give up!

And because the music is the primary reason why I dance I can go to a Cuban Salsa party with DJ Elton Raton Mark Rabioso (my all time favourite Cuban Salsa DJ) in Brussel, Antwerp or Rotterdam and still enjoy myself without having one dance.

I soak up his incredible music playlist, the vibrant positive atmosphere observing dancers of all levels fully enjoying themselves. I love to watch many of the experienced dancers personal interpretation of the music in their spontaneous improvised dance movements and unique style of dancing.

As if to say “oh that is what this particular song, rhythm and melody means to you!”

I go with that mindset but alway end up with the icing on the cake ….. either someone accepts my request to dance or someone asks me for a dance. But because it’s primarily about the music I never get disappointed.

Even in the obscure world of Kizomba my main pleasure at present comes from listening to the music and watching experienced dancers in action.

And just a small note to existing dancers in these restrictive Corona times;

‘don’t let the lack of a dance partner destroy your passion. If you can learn to enjoy  your passion ‘@home alone’ then the pleasure will be even greater when you can finally reconnect again in dance’.

So when you see all these Instagram posts of dancers performing solo routines just realise it’s all about reconnecting, that they are practicing and preparing for their future partner dance.

Maybe it’s just like finding love. ❤

Learn to fully love yourself first so that when you do finally find true love,

it will be better & stronger,

with a greater chance of long term success.