Vaccine, anti viral drug or both?

A very rare combination in these highly divisive times concerning the methods and techniques being promoted, expressed and implemented in fighting this pandemic and where the two main extreme camps only seem to be sharing information that solely supports their viewpoint while at the same time sowing seeds of doubt and mockery if not completelyContinue reading “Vaccine, anti viral drug or both?”

The Vitamin D saga continues with David Davis MP

Based on a interview on You Tube with Mr David Davis  MP and Dr John Campbell. A very interesting discussion based on an incredible amount of knowledge, insight and decades of working experience. I was so impressed I had to make notes. This intro is basically a summary of some of the highlights from thatContinue reading “The Vitamin D saga continues with David Davis MP”

Vitamin-D awareness must not be silenced

Vitamin-D importance must not be silenced!! Vitamin D is such a pivotal part of our metabolic machinery and that of course…includes the functionality of our immune system. It can be the difference between life and death, quite literally. Why aren’t we all talking about this? Good question – and it’s answered in this super conversation!Continue reading “Vitamin-D awareness must not be silenced”

How They Made a Vaccine So Fast

I have my own personal views about this subject but still want to keep an open mind listening to all arguments presented. Is this blog complete, unbiased or manipulated in anyway? I simply do know, but I do feel that I have gained a bit more insight into the background behind the devolpment of theseContinue reading “How They Made a Vaccine So Fast”

Ons afweersysteem in tijden van Corona

Weer een zeer interessant en evenwichtig verslag.  Het laat zien dat de principe van vaccinaties is helemaal niets nieuw en was al duizenden jaren in gebruik als een onderdeel van een aantal middelen en methoden in de strijd tegen ziekten.  Het is niet zozeer de ‘waarom‘ maar de “wanneer” en ‘hoe‘ dat nu meer eenContinue reading “Ons afweersysteem in tijden van Corona”

Stel eens voor …..        Covid-19 & Vitamin-D

Het is heel eigenaardig hoe main stream media zo passief mee omgaat met dit onderwerp terwijl er zoveel hoop geeft. Ze halen de wettenschappers die het allemaal enkel bagataliseren met bereicht geving zoals; “….misschien wel misschien niet.” “weetje wat, neem het maar…. het kan toch geen kwaad doen” “Men weet het niet , er moetContinue reading “Stel eens voor …..        Covid-19 & Vitamin-D”

Covid-19 – An effective form of treatment is not meant to be this simple and this cheap! This blog is based on Dr John Campbells latest YouTube post : 12/09/ 2020 For several months now increasing evidence is showing a very important link between the severity of Covid -19 symptoms and vitamin D levels in the patients. The latest being a correlation observation study carried out in Israel specifically looking atContinue reading “Covid-19 – An effective form of treatment is not meant to be this simple and this cheap!”