A trillion times zero is zero

Lynette Zang. If you don’t know who she is then ‘Google’ her. This interview shows her in depth knowledge of precious metals, the fiat currency and the present illusion of value in the market melt up. But Jake drew something of even greater value out of her where she opens our eyes to investing into variousContinue reading “A trillion times zero is zero”

The remedy to cure FOMO

Maarten Verheyen In the ideal world you need to be fully invested in shares when they are rock bottom and gradually sell as they rise in value creating a new cash reserve for your next investment and getting out of markets when share prices are peaking. The majority of investors do the very opposite. TheyContinue reading “The remedy to cure FOMO”

Why are you still measuring your wealth in US dollars??

Every investor that measures their Gold (or any other real asset for that matter) in US Dollars needs to listen to this great debate between two heavy weights Peter Schiff vs Harry Dent. I thought I had a rough idea about the US dollar’s departure from the Gold standard until I listened to the firstContinue reading “Why are you still measuring your wealth in US dollars??”

The Ethical Case for Stock Ownership – Lyn Alden

All credits and copyright Lyn Alden via her Lyn Alden Investment Strategy website https://www.lynalden.com/about-lyn-alden/ A beautifully written blog that demonstrates an alternative way to fight for the environment and social change. The Ethical Case for Stock Ownership  Shareholders elect the board of directors that controls a company. Additionally, shareholders are allowed to submit shareholder proposalsContinue reading “The Ethical Case for Stock Ownership – Lyn Alden”

Another interview with Jim Rogiers

I have just recently been introduced to this guy courtesy of YouTube and Kitco News and I love his incredibly humble, unassuming, unpretentious style. I think this is only the second time I have ever heard of him despite the fact that he has a long established reputation as a very successful “Value Investor’. HoweverContinue reading “Another interview with Jim Rogiers”

“‘Buy Stocks’ and ‘Collect Rent’ Is Terrible Investing Advice When Followed on Face Value”

All credits Tim Dennings from Medium platform. “‘Buy Stocks’ and ‘Collect Rent’ Is Terrible Investing Advice When Followed on Face Value” by Tim Denning https://link.medium.com/xFqfrI9Jcbb Wow WordPress allows us to promote Medium articles. A definite must read for would be investers and real estate hunters.

Lyn Alden – Investment Strategy

Still reading, studying, learning. I know I have already highlighted her platform but with every blog I read my conviction grows. If you want to keep things simple, clutter free without flashing lights and christmas trees then limit the number of advisory services and email listings you sign up to, including the number of YouTubeContinue reading “Lyn Alden – Investment Strategy”

What goes up must come down.

https://www.pexels.com/@1502552 Just sharing my own continued experiences and observations while trying to learn about investing money wisely. My primary goal and interest is more about realistically trying to preserve the value of money I have than really expecting to make astronomical gains that could possibly make up for decades of lost investment opportunities. But IContinue reading “What goes up must come down.”

One of the reasons why some believe there is a major seismic shift coming in how we wil live.

https://www.pexels.com/@2659 Still reading, listening & learning. Watched a seemingly incredulous video that is making dramatic claims about a seismic shift coming that will mark a new era in how we live. (The video was mainly designed to get me to subscribe to their monthly financial report.) The video used several recent developments to validate hisContinue reading “One of the reasons why some believe there is a major seismic shift coming in how we wil live.”

Financial awareness. Why. You are now in the future tomorrow of yesterday. Part I

If you do not need any convincing arguments as to why you need to be financially aware then you can skip this blog and go straight my Part II Blog – ‘ How’ with the similiar title. “money is not important” “life is short”   “I could die tomorrow”,  “you only live once”,  “live now notContinue reading “Financial awareness. Why. You are now in the future tomorrow of yesterday. Part I”