The Pool Party – A slightly different meaning in the Afro Latin social dancing scene.

I was trying to find some more lessons for solo salsa dancing when I stumbled across this casino partner dancing lesson. This is a very interesting video to watch for anyone out there that has never seen or experienced salsa dance lessons. If you realise that salsa dancers (under normal non Covid circumstances) follow lessonsContinue reading “The Pool Party – A slightly different meaning in the Afro Latin social dancing scene.”

Just like love ❤ it’s all about the music.

Still learning, trying, growing, making mistakes and sometimes starting all over again. Sometimes people tell me that they could never learn to dance and I tell them  “I still can’t 😃”  and if they think I can ……  …….then they can as well” The main requirement to be a good dance student is more aboutContinue reading “Just like love ❤ it’s all about the music.”

Serious facial expressions in salsa dancing

Recently a friend of mine commented on a photograph that was taken of me dancing at a salsa party. He said that I had a very serious expression on my face while doing something that should actually make you smile profusely,……dancing to rhythmic Latin music with a beautiful woman. Although I do actually smile veryContinue reading “Serious facial expressions in salsa dancing”

CSSF Rovinj, 2016 My experience.

What an amazing festival and I only experienced a fraction of it. The last four days, and I did not enroll in any of the workshops, or any of the sunset dance cruises. But what I did experience , the early evening town square open party with Top Cuban Salsa band Maykel Blanco, the afternoonContinue reading “CSSF Rovinj, 2016 My experience.”