U.K.s Freedom of Information Release

Another profound post from Dr John Campbell that mainstream media does not seem to want to share with us despite its serious implications. This is not meant to deny the existence of this horrific virus or to ignore the tragic pain, suffering and loss of life incurred through it. It is equally not meant toContinue reading “U.K.s Freedom of Information Release”

Prevention will always be better than cure.

Another one of my trusted information sources that provides reliable, neutral information that is not influenced by financial, political or career based interest. Dr Suneel Dhand. extracting the positives out of daily Covid infection statistics to give us constructive solutions and hope, in sharp contrast to mainstream news sources that uses these same statistics toContinue reading “Prevention will always be better than cure.”

De dagelijkse cijfers & oudejaarsviering

Wij staan op het punt een nieuwjaar binnen te treden met heel veel kabaal, vuurwerken en ‘Gelukkig Nieuwjaar’ wensen te geven. Door wat wij hebben allemaal meegemaakt deze laatste twee jaren willen velen van ons, kost wat kost, alle bronnen van slecht en deprimerend nieuws vermijden, vooral wanneer het aankomt op de dagelijks Corona cijfers.Continue reading “De dagelijkse cijfers & oudejaarsviering”

Physicians have a special kind of immunity.

Well according to Napoleon Hill they do and this may explain why certain other members of the population have little to none. In anticipation of the fourth, fifth and six waves could this small section of this chapter possibly serve as an additional prophylatic mental antidote for some?? https://www.sacred-texts.com/index.htm

The face mask – to protect or control ?

This was an article I wrote in October of last year but I decided not to publish it. I felt it was written with too much emotional charge and I just needed to calm down and come back to my senses. I am also trying to avoid all these heated arguments on social media whereContinue reading “The face mask – to protect or control ?”

Vaccine, anti viral drug or both?

A very rare combination in these highly divisive times concerning the methods and techniques being promoted, expressed and implemented in fighting this pandemic and where the two main extreme camps only seem to be sharing information that solely supports their viewpoint while at the same time sowing seeds of doubt and mockery if not completelyContinue reading “Vaccine, anti viral drug or both?”

Vitamin D – The Ireland report release – 7/04/2021

This has to be the biggest victory to date for Vitamin D advocates after a year long battle of trying to prove its deficiency  correlation to extremity of Covid 19 symptoms and fatalities  and despite a recent scientific study stating that there is no proven correlation. Oireachtas Health Committee launches report on addressing Vitamin DContinue reading “Vitamin D – The Ireland report release – 7/04/2021”

Vitamin D debate with Professor Spector

A very respectable and calm discussion that should be used as a world standard for debating in public. Both sides making some very valid points. Despite still being a firm believer in Vitamin D, I do have to agree some what with the Professors final words concerning the holistic approach. Draw your own conclusion.