CSSF Rovinj, 2016 My experience.

What an amazing festival and I only experienced a fraction of it. The last four days, and I did not enroll in any of the workshops, or any of the sunset dance cruises. But what I did experience , the early evening town square open party with Top Cuban Salsa band Maykel Blanco, the afternoon beach parties, the main Sunday afternoon Pool party and the late evening parties in the Old Tobacco Factory complex just blew my mind!
I started dancing again from scratch about two and half years ago learning primarily Cuban Style Salsa, and a limited amount of bachata. So I still felt like a beginner. The more I learn the more I realise how little I actually know.
I did have the privilege of dancing with many highly experienced dancers and they seemed to elevate my own dance level. They finished of perfectly every move that I initiated. The interaction with the dancers was amazing and despite the fact that they were clearly far more advanced dancers than myself they were still humble, smiling hugging and squeezing my hands full of gratitude as we departed, mind blowing. (I finally realised later that they were probably applying stuff they had just learned in one of the many amazing workshops), (Next year I promise I will attend a few workshops……no really!)
By the last two days I felt as if I was dancing in another dimension. It was not that I was executing more complicated figures but it was how I was dancing. I really felt as if I was starting to transmit my feelings and emotions into my dancing, and that especially the experienced dancers seem to capture my feelings and convey them in their moves. A truly amazing experience.
Also just watching others dance was a real pleasure. With no disrepect to the top artist that performed at this festival I seemed to have more pleasure watching the spontaneous and improvised dancing that was taking place before my eyes every evening and into the early hours of the following morning where the “die hards” still kept on dancing. This was no fixed choreographic sequence of moves. I was watching a unique dance sequence taking place that will never be executed in that exact same way again. A combination of the leader and follower intepreting the music and rhythm of a particular song into their dance combined with how they feel at that given moment.

This is the stuff that is not given so much attention when the festival is being promoted or discussed but for me this is what this festival is about;

“People coming together from all over the world to connect, to hear and enjoy latin and afro Brazilian (Kizomba) music and express themselves in the beautiful art form of dance.”

Thank you so much for making this possible for us.


Salsa dancing and your relationship

Salsa dancing.
I discovered this form of dancing just over 5 years ago and I just don’t know how I did not discover or see this form of music and dance earlier in my life. But one thing I have discovered in my relationships and salsa is that it is a good indicator of your relationship with your partner
I honestly believe that how well or bad that you dance salsa with your partner indicates how good or bad your relationship is.
I am learning cuban style salsa and one of the fundamental rules of this form of dance is that the man leads and the woman follows. This is Cuban and Latin South American cultuur. The macho man who is strong, dominant and shows his partner he can lead and can lead well and the woman who is willing to submit and follow the signals of her partner. If the woman plays a dominant role in the relationship or marriage then more than likely it won’t work when you dance Cuban style salsa. Also if problems start developing in the relationship it will also affect how well you dance together. I then assume (but have not actually proven it personally) if you dance very well with someone it could be a very good indicator that you could have a successful relationship. ( looking forward to hearing your viewpoints on that latter assumption)
I also have noted the importance of personal contact while dancing. If done right it enhances the dance experience. During the dance it is just you and the person your dancing with. Your attention or concern should not be with your other friends or the  people present, whether they can see how good or bad that you or your partner is dancing. Your focus is the person in front of you looking at him or her periodically, concentrating on leading or being lead and listening to the rhythm of the music. I found an interesting clip about cuban cultuur and dance.  Please note the comment of one woman being interviewed in that clip about how she dances Cuban cultuur:

Anyway I am still a novice because the more I read up on Salsa the more I realise how little I know. I have just discovered another wordpress publisher that discusses Cuban rhythm and and its history in depth and turns my articles into sesame seeds. So if latin music touches you and are learning to dance salsa then you have to read his blogs.  Here is his link;