A blog about a blog

Plant based clean eating diet It was not only the valuable insights she provided in this blog with us but it was also the very humble way that she shared it with us and a beautiful example of how we should all share our opinions and beliefs with each other at all times.  Whenever IContinue reading “A blog about a blog”

Vitamin D – The Ireland report release – 7/04/2021

This has to be the biggest victory to date for Vitamin D advocates after a year long battle of trying to prove its deficiency  correlation to extremity of Covid 19 symptoms and fatalities  and despite a recent scientific study stating that there is no proven correlation. Oireachtas Health Committee launches report on addressing Vitamin DContinue reading “Vitamin D – The Ireland report release – 7/04/2021”

Vitamin D debate with Professor Spector

A very respectable and calm discussion that should be used as a world standard for debating in public. Both sides making some very valid points. Despite still being a firm believer in Vitamin D, I do have to agree some what with the Professors final words concerning the holistic approach. Draw your own conclusion.

Wim Hof

Speaking as an absolute novice beginner after just three days I felt compelled to share a message to a certain group of non believers. A segment of the non believing community that have taken a oath to forever socially distance themselves from any substance, whether it be in solid, liquid or airlike form that isContinue reading “Wim Hof”

Vitamin-D awareness must not be silenced

Vitamin-D importance must not be silenced!! Vitamin D is such a pivotal part of our metabolic machinery and that of course…includes the functionality of our immune system. It can be the difference between life and death, quite literally. Why aren’t we all talking about this? Good question – and it’s answered in this super conversation!Continue reading “Vitamin-D awareness must not be silenced”

I Drank Celery Juice Everyday for 30 Days… Here’s What Happened – Attune Health

All credits: Attune Health Team. https://attunehealth.com/ I highly recommend visiting their complete website but otherwise you can read this particular article via the link below. https://attunehealth.com/i-drank-celery-juice-everyday-for-30-days-heres-what-happened/

How They Made a Vaccine So Fast

I have my own personal views about this subject but still want to keep an open mind listening to all arguments presented. Is this blog complete, unbiased or manipulated in anyway? I simply do know, but I do feel that I have gained a bit more insight into the background behind the devolpment of theseContinue reading “How They Made a Vaccine So Fast”

Ons afweersysteem in tijden van Corona

Weer een zeer interessant en evenwichtig verslag.  Het laat zien dat de principe van vaccinaties is helemaal niets nieuw en was al duizenden jaren in gebruik als een onderdeel van een aantal middelen en methoden in de strijd tegen ziekten.  Het is niet zozeer de ‘waarom‘ maar de “wanneer” en ‘hoe‘ dat nu meer eenContinue reading “Ons afweersysteem in tijden van Corona”

Covid-19 de vragen & de global strijd & evenwicht tussen de natuurlijke en de kunstmatige.

Nooit eerder in ons recent medische geschiedenis is er zo een global actie opgericht om de ganse wereld bevolking te vaccineren.  Dit op zich is een premier. Daar boven is er een nieuw basis middel in gebruik bij het ontwikkelen van alle Covid-19 vaccines. Ze  maken gebruik van een nieuwe ‘gene based’ methode in vergelijking metContinue reading “Covid-19 de vragen & de global strijd & evenwicht tussen de natuurlijke en de kunstmatige.”