World Ivermectin Day | July 23, 2022 I am always somewhat reluctant to share subjects matters relating to more serious topics such as health. There are so many complex factors involved where a combination of medication and treatments may be necessary to treat an infection, ailment or health condition your hereditary state, age, pre existing comorbidities, unknown deficiencies, your diet, fitness,Continue reading “World Ivermectin Day | July 23, 2022”

Bio labs in Ukraine, just another conspiracy theory?

Hey Europe, do you want the good news or bad news first? The good news is we have (at least temporarily) interrupted the research and production of bio weapons in Ukraine …… The bad news is how we did it …. ……. You may want to consider upgrading your mask to a fully fledged SCBAContinue reading “Bio labs in Ukraine, just another conspiracy theory?”

Prevention will always be better than cure.

Another one of my trusted information sources that provides reliable, neutral information that is not influenced by financial, political or career based interest. Dr Suneel Dhand. extracting the positives out of daily Covid infection statistics to give us constructive solutions and hope, in sharp contrast to mainstream news sources that uses these same statistics toContinue reading “Prevention will always be better than cure.”

To aspirate or not to aspirate, that is the question.

Disclaimer This is not medical advice merely an element that could be brought to the attention of those medically qualified to do so. A subject brought to our attention on social media by a qualified doctor taking the initiative that our official health information sources seem to have overlooked. A simple additional safety procedure thatContinue reading “To aspirate or not to aspirate, that is the question.”

Global Disinformation and a few rules to decide who to listen to.

Dr John Campbell is one of the very few information sources out there that I regularly consult for news, facts and updates that seem to be unbiased and free from political influence and interest. Someone that does not have to worry about being black listed from the national council of doctors, someone that does notContinue reading “Global Disinformation and a few rules to decide who to listen to.”

A blog about a blog

Plant based clean eating diet It was not only the valuable insights she provided in this blog with us but it was also the very humble way that she shared it with us and a beautiful example of how we should all share our opinions and beliefs with each other at all times.  Whenever IContinue reading “A blog about a blog”