Kan het nog gekker

All credits: Maarten Verheyen Kan het nog gekker? Ieder ernstig analist die een tijd geleden de Gamestop-mania aanschouwde, heeft zich op een gegeven moment de vraag gesteld of het nog gekker kan. Ja dus. Het kan nog gekker en Dogecoin bewijst dat. Dogecoin werd in 2013 gecreëerd door Billy Markus en Jackson Palmer. De ene werkte alsContinue reading “Kan het nog gekker”

How to become a millionaire with Crypto fast and how to exit.

The Moon interviewing Bitboy Crypto and as usual I get stuck and focus on one passing comment instead of focusing on the main theme of the video. It’s the part where Bitboy Crypto discusses his bear exit strategy that seems to contradict a previous blog I posted about “Where do the profits from Bitcoin comeContinue reading “How to become a millionaire with Crypto fast and how to exit.”

A real world coin vs a virtual one

I did not realise that Davincij15 was a prominent precious metal investor before becoming a cryptocurrency guro.  But it’s very interesting to watch a younger, innocent, fresher looking Davincij15 talking about this new phenomenon and the incredible potential for ease of sending value internationally while at the same time still believing in the need toContinue reading “A real world coin vs a virtual one”

How Alex Becker …. a Bitcoin believer, believes Bitcoin will experience one of its worst ever crashes

This is weird! Alex Becker came to a similiar conclusion as I did two months earlier, primarily due to those very same big institions that supposedly now believe in Bitcoin and its future. To cut a long story short ….. ‘they don’t and never will’. Where do the huge profits made on Bitcoin come from??

When Christopher Jaszczynski from MMCrypto gives us a mini macroeconomics lectuur

Why is Chris scared of his very own predictions from 12 months ago? Especially when it seems like things are easing up? Bitcoin, inflation and our fiat currency based economy.

Bitcoin and our current fiat currency economy

I love this guy just for his enthusiasm in itself. Christopher Jaszczynski. https://u.today/christopher-jaszczynski-mmcrypto Someone that puts his money where his mouth is with apparently 95% of his entire portfolio in Bitcoin.   Whether you believe his forecasts or not based on the growing number of billionaires and institutions buying into Bitcoin, it is his final wordsContinue reading “Bitcoin and our current fiat currency economy”

How to Retire on Bitcoin by 2030

InvestAnswers This is a ‘must subscribe to’ channel for all the crypto disciples out there. Not only how many Bitcoins you need to own to retire comfortably in a list of top ten countries but also what is your Bitcoin status, ranking and sign based on the amount of Bitcoin you now own, ranging fromContinue reading “How to Retire on Bitcoin by 2030”

Kijk ‘IMF Plan To Replace Bitcoin/Gold/Dollar With Digital SDR!! (Shocking Info Revealed)’ op YouTube

Mind blowing implictions even before he got to the bitcoin/gold/ dollar part. And it can be all found on the website of The World Economic Forum & International Monetary Fund It just seems that nobody is bothering to “read in between the lines” A must watch for anyone planning to stick around on this planetContinue reading “Kijk ‘IMF Plan To Replace Bitcoin/Gold/Dollar With Digital SDR!! (Shocking Info Revealed)’ op YouTube”

Where do the huge profits made on Bitcoin come from??

This blog is purely based on my reaction to a ‘Kitco News’ interview I saw tonight with Peter Schiff, who is clearly a ‘Bitcoin Non Believer’, so why should the Crypto Community even bother listening to him? Well because when it comes to investing in general, phenomenal knowledge and understanding of the whole world ofContinue reading “Where do the huge profits made on Bitcoin come from??”