Max does not want to give fiat currency added power.

Every week I get introduced to a new world acclaimed, investing guru. Max Kieser. And ‘Stansberry Research’ does it again with yet another really interesting interview. The trouble with me is that I regularly get sidetracked from the main point or theme of the interview due to some sideline comments and statements being made duringContinue reading “Max does not want to give fiat currency added power.”

Bitcoin winter is not coming, it’s here!!

“If you gamble the markets you will always lose” , “when you start looking at log charts it’s all over!” For some Bitcoin believers this may not be the video you want to watch, but despite his pessimistic, immediate to mid term forecast, note his personal long term strategy for Bitcoin. View this video asContinue reading “Bitcoin winter is not coming, it’s here!!”


Mark Yusko tweet on 25 May 2021; “If you buy something because price went up, you will sell as soon as price stops going up or goes down… If you buy something because you believed current price was below fair value or future growth would increase value, when price falls you will buy more…” #BuyWhatIsOnSaleContinue reading “#BuyWhatIsOnSale”

The Peoples Bitcoin Wall Challenge

Wil Didi Taihuttu create a new Reddit GameStop, Silver Squeeze 2.0  revolution? To stop the obvious Bitcoin price manipulation being orchestrated by the big financial players? I don’t really know. However one of the main points in Stephen Covey book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was the importance of transition from independence toContinue reading “The Peoples Bitcoin Wall Challenge”

Whales dumping Bitcoin. Whats really going on?

Alex Becker’s Channel on YouTube Love him or hate in him, there seems some strange element of truth in his words. One of the quotes that keeps ringing in my ears is, “you make money when you buy not sell” not saying that you should never sell but that the basis for the profit fromContinue reading “Whales dumping Bitcoin. Whats really going on?”

The Bitcoin dump. Zoom out instead of freaking out!

Well I guess if anyone is going to know a thing or two about Bitcoin it’s going to be Didi Taihuttu, his wife, and three kids. Because after selling everything back in 2016 and buying into Bitcoin bear market and instead of panicking with the price collapse in 2018 only went and bought more Bitcoin,Continue reading “The Bitcoin dump. Zoom out instead of freaking out!”

Kan het nog gekker

All credits: Maarten Verheyen Kan het nog gekker? Ieder ernstig analist die een tijd geleden de Gamestop-mania aanschouwde, heeft zich op een gegeven moment de vraag gesteld of het nog gekker kan. Ja dus. Het kan nog gekker en Dogecoin bewijst dat. Dogecoin werd in 2013 gecreëerd door Billy Markus en Jackson Palmer. De ene werkte alsContinue reading “Kan het nog gekker”

How to become a millionaire with Crypto fast and how to exit.

The Moon interviewing Bitboy Crypto and as usual I get stuck and focus on one passing comment instead of focusing on the main theme of the video. It’s the part where Bitboy Crypto discusses his bear exit strategy that seems to contradict a previous blog I posted about “Where do the profits from Bitcoin comeContinue reading “How to become a millionaire with Crypto fast and how to exit.”

A real world coin vs a virtual one

I did not realise that Davincij15 was a prominent precious metal investor before becoming a cryptocurrency guro.  But it’s very interesting to watch a younger, innocent, fresher looking Davincij15 talking about this new phenomenon and the incredible potential for ease of sending value internationally while at the same time still believing in the need toContinue reading “A real world coin vs a virtual one”