When Christopher Jaszczynski from MMCrypto gives us a mini macroeconomics lectuur

Why is Chris scared of his very own predictions from 12 months ago? Especially when it seems like things are easing up? Bitcoin, inflation and our fiat currency based economy.

Bitcoin and our current fiat currency economy

I love this guy just for his enthusiasm in itself. Christopher Jaszczynski. https://u.today/christopher-jaszczynski-mmcrypto Someone that puts his money where his mouth is with apparently 95% of his entire portfolio in Bitcoin.   Whether you believe his forecasts or not based on the growing number of billionaires and institutions buying into Bitcoin, it is his final wordsContinue reading “Bitcoin and our current fiat currency economy”

How to Retire on Bitcoin by 2030

InvestAnswers This is a ‘must subscribe to’ channel for all the crypto disciples out there. Not only how many Bitcoins you need to own to retire comfortably in a list of top ten countries but also what is your Bitcoin status, ranking and sign based on the amount of Bitcoin you now own, ranging fromContinue reading “How to Retire on Bitcoin by 2030”

Where do the huge profits made on Bitcoin come from??

This blog is purely based on my reaction to a ‘Kitco News’ interview I saw tonight with Peter Schiff, who is clearly a ‘Bitcoin Non Believer’, so why should the Crypto Community even bother listening to him? Well because when it comes to investing in general, phenomenal knowledge and understanding of the whole world ofContinue reading “Where do the huge profits made on Bitcoin come from??”

What is the real issue at hand? Bitcoin or Central Banking itself?

I am just reacting to the avalanche of recent doomsday prophecies for Bitcoin and the ongoing saga in its relationship with the central banking system. To be quite honest I simply cannot follow anymore and I am drawing my own conclusions based on what I have been reading, studying and following through books, blogs andContinue reading “What is the real issue at hand? Bitcoin or Central Banking itself?”

Kijk ‘Bitcoin Death Signal?: What the U.K. and HSBC Clampdown Really Means for the Cryptocurrency’ op YouTube

Once again for those of you that did not get this particular You Tube recommendation. Very interesting analysis. Shame on you HSPC bank!! I personally believe this could, back fire, on you. This does not personally shake me. Investing in anything never has 100% percent guarantees. You always invest in such a way that youContinue reading “Kijk ‘Bitcoin Death Signal?: What the U.K. and HSBC Clampdown Really Means for the Cryptocurrency’ op YouTube”

Why Gold & Bitcoin DON’T Matter!!

Personally speaking I found this to be another very interesting YouTube presentation. He is not saying that Gold or Bitcoin does not matter or that it would not be a good alternative to our present day ‘Fiat Currencies’ . What he is trying to say is that whichever medium you finally choose, at the endContinue reading “Why Gold & Bitcoin DON’T Matter!!”

Bitcoin’s Fatal Flaws (Top 4 Problems with Bitcoin)

Don’t buy Bitcoin, It could go to zero! Bitcoin has no intrinsic value! It’s too volatile to ever be used as a currency! I heard the government was going to ban it! These are some of the top complaints against… Bitcoin’s Fatal Flaws (Top 4 Problems with Bitcoin)

One of the reasons why some believe there is a major seismic shift coming in how we wil live.

https://www.pexels.com/@2659 Still reading, listening & learning. Watched a seemingly incredulous video that is making dramatic claims about a seismic shift coming that will mark a new era in how we live. (The video was mainly designed to get me to subscribe to their monthly financial report.) The video used several recent developments to validate hisContinue reading “One of the reasons why some believe there is a major seismic shift coming in how we wil live.”

A podcast with Lyn Alden …..again.

In response to a Bitcoin fanatic Peter McCormack audio podcast with Lyn Alden. I could not express everything I wanted to say in her twitter account in response to that podcast so I decided to express it here in my (still under construction – 5 years) WordPress account. “I really don’t know how you doContinue reading “A podcast with Lyn Alden …..again.”