Mark Yusko tweet on 25 May 2021; “If you buy something because price went up, you will sell as soon as price stops going up or goes down… If you buy something because you believed current price was below fair value or future growth would increase value, when price falls you will buy more…” #BuyWhatIsOnSaleContinue reading “#BuyWhatIsOnSale”

Global Disinformation and a few rules to decide who to listen to.

Dr John Campbell is one of the very few information sources out there that I regularly consult for news, facts and updates that seem to be unbiased and free from political influence and interest. Someone that does not have to worry about being black listed from the national council of doctors, someone that does notContinue reading “Global Disinformation and a few rules to decide who to listen to.”

Bitcoin, FUD and bearish volatility. Where the real danger lies?

Once again I watched a video about a main topic and got stuck on a side note. Micheal Saylor shares his take on the recent volatile dumping of Bitcoin and what the real state of affairs is. A short interview that should ease the fears of recent investors that bought at the recent top ofContinue reading “Bitcoin, FUD and bearish volatility. Where the real danger lies?”

Yes Bitcoin but don’t forget or ignore Gold!

The markets are still primarily driven by sentiment not fundamentals, based on real or fake news and Steve Hanke has created a python chart to give us an indication when to buy or sell based on it. http://troyozgold.com/2021/05/25/sentiment-for-gold-price-is-at-most-bullish-level-this-year-steve-hanke/

The Peoples Bitcoin Wall Challenge

Wil Didi Taihuttu create a new Reddit GameStop, Silver Squeeze 2.0  revolution? To stop the obvious Bitcoin price manipulation being orchestrated by the big financial players? I don’t really know. However one of the main points in Stephen Covey book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was the importance of transition from independence toContinue reading “The Peoples Bitcoin Wall Challenge”

Whales dumping Bitcoin. Whats really going on?

Alex Becker’s Channel on YouTube Love him or hate in him, there seems some strange element of truth in his words. One of the quotes that keeps ringing in my ears is, “you make money when you buy not sell” not saying that you should never sell but that the basis for the profit fromContinue reading “Whales dumping Bitcoin. Whats really going on?”

Keanu Reeves

These are the types of people that I admire and want to imitate. Not necessarily to his extreme but instead of going to the other extreme of bragging and living the shameless luxury lifestyle, you remain normal, humble and true to yourself, choosing to remain and live amongst the common working class people.  If andContinue reading “Keanu Reeves”

Never judge a book by its cover.

Because of my disdain of wealth, shameless luxury and how it seems to affect people negatively I often reject books that seem to focus on how to attain it. I prefer to read books that can help me become a better person so that I can make some small positive difference to those around me.Continue reading “Never judge a book by its cover.”