A podcast with Lyn Alden …..again.

In response to a Bitcoin fanatic Peter McCormack audio podcast with Lyn Alden.

I could not express everything I wanted to say in her twitter account in response to that podcast so I decided to express it here in my (still under construction – 5 years) WordPress account.

“I really don’t know how you do it Lyn but you never disappoint and you make what is normally a really boring and complex subject for layman novices like myself incredibly fascinating.

The experienced investors see your worth immediately and don’t hesitate to follow you. But speaking as a complete novice to this world, we are being bombarded with way too much information and advice to digest and a large bulk of it is misinformation and very bad advice and way too many inexperienced investors are losing the money they don’t really have.

Every new investor should go to your website first and read and study virtually every blog you have published there before they start investing.

Thanks once again Lyn.”

Devaluation is Likely with Lyn Alden — What Bitcoin Did @MIUI |https://www.whatbitcoindid.com/podcast/why-a-currency-devaluation-is-likely-with-lyn-alden

Stel eens voor …..        Covid-19 & Vitamin-D

Het is heel eigenaardig hoe main stream media zo passief mee omgaat met dit onderwerp terwijl er zoveel hoop geeft.

Ze halen de wettenschappers die het allemaal enkel bagataliseren

met bereicht geving zoals;

“….misschien wel misschien niet.”

“weetje wat, neem het maar…. het kan toch geen kwaad doen”

“Men weet het niet , er moet meer onderzoeken worden gedaan want andere onderzoeken zeggen van niet.”

De WHO doet geen moeite, de CDC ook niet en onze official factchecker zeg geen “ja” of “nee”

Want stel eens voor na zoeveel maanden opsluiting, lockdowns, social distancing, mond maskers en al dat geld en onderzoek naar een super vaccine ….

…dat een eenvoudige hormone, Vitamin-D…

… de beste oplossing zouden kunnen bieden.

Nee nee zo gemakkelijk gaan wij er niet van af!!


Ondertussen verder ontwikkelingen;


Covid-19 – An effective form of treatment is not meant to be this simple and this cheap!

This blog is based on Dr John Campbells latest YouTube post : 12/09/ 2020

For several months now increasing evidence is showing a very important link between the severity of Covid -19 symptoms and vitamin D levels in the patients. The latest being a correlation observation study carried out in Israel specifically looking at the link between those that do and don’t experience severe Covid-19 symptoms in relation to their pre-existing vitamin D levels.

Full scientific acceptance can only be given when the W.H.O. decides to address this evidence and carry out their own blind international clinical trials and this is the main question that Dr. John Campbell is asking;

Why has this not been done yet?

While being conscious and grateful for the great amount of work that has been accomplished by this organisation, including the many rights, liberties and services provided by our free democratic governments this does not mean I am blind and ignorant to their shortcomings, failures and acts of negligence. Having a positive attitude does not mean ignoring the negative.

But I will try and remain positive that both the W.H.O. and our individual governments will prove to me that the title of this blog is totally unfounded!!


<The FEBS Journal, 2020; DOI: 10.1111/febs.15495>

Meet Lyn Alden my new financial guru.


You know that feeling you get after weeks, months or even years of studying a particular subject matter or just hearing and using a particular word that you don’t really get and then someone comes along and explains it in a completely different way ….


Well I had that moment …..

when I stumbled across a blog article written by the above mentioned woman.

Short, compact, no nonsense blogs that contain everything you need to know about the world of long term investing in the stock markets and money, the management and the mindset you need develop to succeed.

I honestly believe her inconspicuous website can provide all the information and guidance you need not only to get started but also to take your investment trading skills to the next level.

And if you are still not convinced then read her blog:

“Financial Freedom: How never to worry about money again”

but especially the second part

“From rags to (relative) riches”

a real inspiration for anyone starting from scratch.

See link below.


and please check out a more recent blog about her.


The art of letting go of negativity.

All credits to the rich dad company from Robert Kiwosaki that shared this story with me via my email enlisting.


The gist or moral behind sharing this story is, don’t let these current unprecedented times paralyse you in fear. Instead acknowledge and adapt and move on. There are still golden opportunities to be made if we are willing to change our mindset and thinking.

From the seemingly purely selfish pursuit of wealth to the ultimate selfless act of giving.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

One of the things that always impressed me about Robert Kiyosaki’s books, Cashflow Game and general philosophy was that while he promotes and teaches about gaining financial freedom and independance he also places great emphasis on giving back while you are travelling along that path to wealth.

Either by teaching what you learned or giving some of what you have earned.

Striving for riches and giving to charity always seemed  like two opposite ends of a spectrum. People who seem to be selfishly preoccupied with gaining wealth as opposed to people who are selflessly sacrificing their lives for others. 

But the fact is that some of the largest financial donors are those who became millionaires. They are not all mean, greedy and selfish.

I use this account to share entrepreneurial ideas and to possibly attract like minded people that can maybe inspire me. But Robert keeps reminding me never to forget those worse off than me.

I just finished reading the latest magazine from Doctors without borders. Their work has always amazed me in so many different ways and this article highlighted another aspect of their work. Not just carry out emergency operations in make stift field tents in war torn disease infected areas they also bring taboo subjects right into the open such as the continual plaag of rampant sexual violence and abuse. They not only create awareness of what is happening but also endeavour to tackle the stigma, shame and rejection that victims suffer in addition to being raped or sexually abused. The concerted therapy and group counseling that this organisation gives is helping families, local communities and governments come to terms with these horrific phenomenon that is simply not going away but they are helping their victims to heal, to be accepted back into their families instead of being cursed and rejected by them and encouraging victims to seek help as quickly as possible to at least minimise damage incurred.

One of the main reasons that motivated me to start supporting this organisation on a regular basis was their consistent refusal to be sponsored and financed by any government anywhere. Their primary source of income comes from voluntary contributions from the general public. This gives them complete control and freedom as to where and when they choose to give aid without any political or financial influence or manipulation.

So yes continue your journey to gaining financial freedom and independence but never forget to give back.


Text messaging – (expressing my Dutch expressive side)

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Wanneer iemand zich verontschuldigt voor het niet onmiddellijk antwoorden van mijn text berichten.

Misschien ben ik een uitzondering maar ik houd mijn adem niet wanneer ik een text bericht stuurt naar iemand want ik vind juist het troef erin dat men kan een bericht lezen en antwoorden op het moment wat bij hen best past.

Als ik echt een onmiddellijk reactie of antwoord moet hebben van iemand dan ga ik gebruik maken van het oorspronkelijk hoofddoel van een cellphone……

hun gewoon bellen!!

Een korte blog bij Christopher