Text messaging – (expressing my Dutch expressive side)

Wanneer iemand zich verontschuldigt voor het niet onmiddellijk antwoorden van mijn text berichten. Misschien ben ik een uitzondering maar ik houd mijn adem niet wanneer ik een text bericht stuurt naar iemand want ik vind juist het troef erin dat men kan een bericht lezen en antwoorden op het moment wat bij hen best past.Continue reading “Text messaging – (expressing my Dutch expressive side)”

From the solo travellor to Soul Mate travel

http://A blog in response to a social media post from Tracy Mcmillan ……there is nothing to bring you into the present moment like travelling alone… I have been travelling alone for several years now. At first it felt strange after living the full family life for over a quarter of a century. However I seemedContinue reading “From the solo travellor to Soul Mate travel”

The message I need to keep saying to myself

If I think about this whole Black Lives Matter issue in my own isolated situation I think another reason why I have not suffered so much from it is because of my built in self defence mechanism that conditions me not to expect anything from anyone including acceptance and approval. No one and nothing canContinue reading “The message I need to keep saying to myself”

Statues, victims and awareness.

I do not know what is the matter with me but I am viewing this whole removal of statues thing in a completely different light. By removing these statues we are inadvertently deleting significant events and personages from our global history. Rulers and influential people that shaped the course of history to what it isContinue reading “Statues, victims and awareness.”

A blog about the tense used in Ben Goertzel interview on London Real – Whats going to happen in the next 40 years?

A blog about a London Real interview with Ben Goertzel ‘What’s going to happen in the next 40 years? (See link at end of blog.) A very interesting interview where Ben endeavours to answer the above question based on his working knowledge and years of experience with AI technology. He basically states that ‘The Matrix’Continue reading “A blog about the tense used in Ben Goertzel interview on London Real – Whats going to happen in the next 40 years?”

Recession & Investing, a blog about a blog.

I wrote this originally to share a link to a great blog I just read, but this ended up into a mini blog in itself with a few additional pieces of personal advice scattered in between. All credits to mr-stingy though for his original blog and the flow of inspiration that came from reading it.Continue reading “Recession & Investing, a blog about a blog.”