http://On holiday in Jamaica or should I say visiting my parents, but despite the odd jobs I am finally winding down (took about three weeks) to the point that I feel I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to use every living second of daylight to visit and see every hook and cranny of this beautiful Island or visit and see all my distant cousins, uncles and aunts. I can just sit here in the hills of inland rural Jamaica and just listen to the incredible peace and quite here or the birds, strange flying and creeping insects, the wind, a very slow moving car or truck passing by (very bad roads do have certain advantages), a Jamaican women expressing herself quite vocally now and then or the periodic sounds of reggae music blasting away somewhere in the valley.

A Samsung Neo S5 smartphone, a WordPress app from Google Play and an incredible Digicel 4g Island wide network coverage,2 Gb, 30 day data pack.

This is the background of the start of my blogging experiment. I am a complete novice. So please forgive my spelling mistakes, format of blogs and look of my account.
Thank you

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