CBDCs, Control, Your Wealth and Autonomy – according to John Butler

The future of the digitalization of fiat currencies, the good, the bad and the ugly of it all according to the European Union, The US Federal Government, the IMF …..and a random guy on YouTube called John Butler.

I initially just wanted to share that random guy’s version with you but then I realised I would be guilty of committing the very same wrong doing that mainstream media has been guilty of with ever increasing frequency in recent years, biased, one-sided reporting.

Endeavouring to stay true to my ‘Mission Statement’ for this blog (see – “About Me and My Motives”) I realised I needed to share both official government sources and unofficial alternative media ones while leaving you to draw your own conclusions instead of me, trying to draw to conclusions for you.

Admittedly even official sources recognise certain potential vulnerabilities and dangers but their focus relates primarily to external hostile sources.




However John focused on the vulnerabilities, abuses and dangers coming from within the very institutions that would be issuing these CBDCs;

“CBDCs could lead to dangerous control, this is how to protect your wealth and autonomy” – Michelle Kory hosted Kitco News interview with John Butler

0:00 – CBDC overview

8:38 – Government overreach 

14:58 – CBDC implementation

17:35 – Banking crisis 

25:44 – Privacy and CBDCs

29:00 – Cash

33:08 – Investment Implications 

40:35 – Gold 

55:12 – Bitcoin 

57:26 – Preventing CBDCs 

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