Tip the server in cash!

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Daniela Cambone from Stansberry Research brings Rick Rule back on and Rick never disappoints us with this being a particularly very positive, proactive interview in the light of very negative current macroeconomic circumstances.

Amongst other things such as ‘Fed rate hikes’ to battle inflation, the subsequent banking crises due to those rate hikes, the ongoing international de-dollarisation trend, the growth of the BRICS nations, general bearish market sentiment and expectations of an imminent major recession.

How can anything positive come from discussing any of these ‘doom and gloom’ topics?

Well this is what makes Rick so unique to listen to as a guest on any show and especially with top host interviewer Daniela Cambone.

He provides nuance as regards the U.S. Worlds Reserve Currency Status but also the growth and presence of the BRICS nations and their new found freedom and ability to do business with each other with their own currencies, without being forced to use that reserve currency, (which I might add, he celebrates instead of being viewed as a threat to us.).

Despite what looks like a hopeless situation for young people he provides encouraging advice giving them hope for the future instead of the usual discouraging, ‘no hope’, ‘it’s all over’ commentary we often hear from some economic analyst.

He also reminds us what made America great in its heyday and the vital need to return to that free market environment without the oppressive government interference that subdues and discourages economic growth and innovation.

And what about Rick’s worst nightmare that is rapidly turning into a reality, ….

Central Bank Digital Currencies?

Well even here Rick has the amazing ability to turn something around that otherwise seems hopelessly unavoidable to deter, into something that we can still endeavour to resist and fight against in a peaceful way expressing our anger and disapproval.

“Pay the server in cash, …and tell them it’s a gift that’s non taxable”

Yes a seemingly insignificant act but when applied by the masses can send a very powerful message to the central planners.

I have already shared way too much but maybe this preview will just make the difference in encouraging you to actually save and watch yet another awesome interview with Daniela Cambone and Rick Rule.

This blog and links shared must not be viewed or taken as financial advice. This is purely written and posted for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own due diligence and research. Otherwise consider consulting a Professional Financial Advisor before making any financial or investment decisions.

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