Build your Moat before your Castle”

In the precious metals space there are a number of ways to gain exposure to the asset starting with the most speculative method, Junior Miners, high risk, high reward potential.

Then there are the Mid-Tier Miners, slightly less risk but with the corresponding less reward potential ratio.

There are also a number ETFs that gives you a more diversified exposure to a wider group of Miners in the space.  

You also have Royalty and Streaming Companies that fund miners in return for either the metal or profits. 

Steve Penny from’ The Silver Chartist’ is invested in all of these assets but has recently decided to simplify and reduce his exposure to the highly speculative junior miners. Despite only making up 6% of his entire Portfolio it was consuming a far greater percentage of his precious time, energy and the quality of his sleep.

The Service just seems to get better every month with his now new active investment strategy for 2023 with his ‘5 Core Portfolios and Best Buy’ alerts illustrated in a number of very compact, clear, colourful, chart forms

It all sounded great and exciting to me but then someone made a passing comment right at the end of Steve livestream that was discussing these changes in the Q & A section.

“don’t forget Steve holds physical”

Steve then responded with these words;

Your physical allocation of precious metals should always make up the core element of yours portfolio

Your royalties and streaming are your buy and hold, long term investment strategy.

Your miners are your offensive trading strategy.

while your physical allocated metals in safe storage is your defensive strategy.

“Build your Moat before your Castle”

Castle Kingdom GIFfrom Castle GIFs

All credits: Steve Penny


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