Bail In ???

I initially just wanted to share 2

recent videos I listened to giving a stark warning about our commercial high street banks but instead I am just going to point to the title of this blog;

‘Bail in’ as opposed to the traditional ‘Bail Out’ operation ‘that we the general public are more familiar with.

I encourage my reader to urgently do their

‘Own due diligence’

and research as regards the very existence and legality of such a ruling.

I also want to refer to my previous blogs;

The first one 

Good bye NCB bank where I am forced to correct a statement I made towards the end of that blog;

That statement is incorrect when you choose to use the services of a bank to store “your money”

A second but very closely related blog

“where to put that bit of money that you could afford to lose”

A third blog about fractional reserve banking new updated ruling;

And a brief recall of a famous banking incident in the island of Cyprus back in 2013 nearly ten years ago.

Do your own due diligence, do not rely on mainstream news and multi media outlets or solely on your Google default browser.

David Brady, a contributor for Sprott Money and the Silver Chartist, always likes to be prepared for “worst case scenario” that if it does not occur, nothing is lost ….

but if in the highly unlikely event does occur everything gained.

And even the poorest working class category of us can take tiny steps to make that much of a difference …..merely by gradually saving up several weeks worth of money in physical cash that you never use.


This blog and links shared must not be viewed or taken as financial advice. This is purely shared for reading entertainment purposes only. Always do your own due diligence and research and or  consult a professional financial advisor,if necessary, before making any financial decisions or investments.

This blog and link shared does not necessarily reflect the view and opinions of

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