My initial passing thoughts about Chat GPT

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I have been thinking and meditating about the short to long term implications of Chat GPT  that go way beyond being a threat for bloggers and copy writers. The genie has been released out of the bottle and there is no stopping it now where even the developers of this application do not fully realize that they may actually be contributing to the very extinction of their own profession as software developers. 

I am still old school and I still cringe when I have to communicate with a chatbot when trying to contact customer service. I even prefer to chat with a disrespectful agent that is a real human rather than a chat robot.

But is my opinion and viewpoint  universal and representative of the masses? I don’t think so. Especially when we consider the younger generation that have been brought up with this technology. I don’t believe that the vast majority of that generation have any real issues interacting with it. I compare this with some segments of my parents’ generations that  still  frown upon our mobile phone interaction and usage. What they find as ‘extreme’ we view as ‘normal’ and more than likely this will be our extreme view of what the now younger generations’ normal reliance and dependence on Chat GPT will be moving forward.

Even some of the arguments about these chat AI robots having ‘no soul’, ‘compassion‘ or ‘feelings’ is not cutting it because an ever growing number of real humans seem to be acting  in a very similar soulless way.

I also believe that we are all contributing to and feeding the chat GPT brain because it is constantly surfing, reading and processing every human interaction online which it in turn stores, processes and uses in communicating back to us.

I do feel however that Chat GPT does have an Achilles Heel.  It is too perfect. The whole beauty of art, poetry, paintings, musical compositions and even a model in a fashion show is the very existence of asymmetrical imperfection and how it is wrapped, encircled or adorned with symmetrical perfection. 

But once again I speak as someone brought up with the real deal, real art.  I cannot speak for  that same young generation that not only view AI as normal, they have already embraced it, eagerly using it to study, do their homework and exams. This same young generation has also been brainwashed as regards setting the standard for what real beauty is, a very artificial standard, a very artificial intelligence standard.

I also responded to a Mark Moss You Tube video discussion on ChatGPT where he was encouraging viewers to embrace it instead of hating on it. He listed the existing and future applications where I impulsively responded with the following comment;

“I am just waiting for Read, Listen and Watch GPT so that I no longer need to come ‘online’ in the first place, where I am being bombarded with all the marketing and social media garbage constantly. I can just sit and wait for the product to be delivered that is chosen for me or the driverless auto to arrive to take me to the airport for my surprise vacation.

I will have less need for my smartphone, tablet and laptop except for gaming or the latest chat GPT written soap series … selected for me ….because my Read it Chat GPT will be doing all the thinking, choosing and deciding for me. You’re right, this is positive progress. ( This comment is a chat G.P.T. generated).

 😏 )

Minder tonen

Once again speaking as someone from the old school generation just the very idea that AI wrote an article, blog, poem, book soap serie or film is so ‘off putting’ that I would no longer want to read or watch it and when I would need to, out of necessity,  if I ‘cannot beat it, join it,’ by using a read, watch and learn GPT application and just let it read, choose and decide for me giving me more mental freedom, time and attention for my ‘off grid’ world and enviroment, in the ‘old school’ real world, outside.

Mark does highlight that it’s still just a tool that only is limited by its users imagination. But my question remains; what type of audience is its marketing directed to? Is its audience being stimulated and motivated in a positive active way to be creative and inspired as well? Or is yet another facet of human potential being taken over and away from us?

Just my immediate passing thoughts on this subject and I am sure many of you have your own good and bad vibes about where we seem to be heading. While Read GPT is still being developed I will still be personally probing the internet to discover and read your thoughts and opinions on this subject.


Caution this is a blog written by a real imperfect person that probably contains grammatical errors typo’s and partial facts. The author requests your forgiveness, tolerance and compassion and that you do not compare his work to an equivalent Chat GPT generated article discussing this very same topic. 

Thank you for reading.  

Mark Moss

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