The Binance Witch Hunt.

I personally hate watching Bitboy Live Show in their studio because I personally find it very long winded with a lot of unnecessary chatter and small talk that has no real relevance to the main crypto topics going to be discussed. 

But when Bitboy Crypto goes;

‘out of office’ & ‘on the road 

and makes impromptu clips that’s when Ben comes back into his prime, 

‘back to basics’ 

bringing across powerful, short sharp content that gets you 

‘to stop & think’.

My YouTube algorithm threw one such video at me today, that I instantly felt the need to share with you. You may or may not agree with him, but keeping in mind with the type of Contrarian style investors that inspire me that;

‘observe the masses and do the complete opposite’

…then this is the kind of content you can expect to find in this simple blog space.

I was already aware of Western Propaganda but what I have observed over these last three years has only intensified my complete distrust of any claims made by mainstream media where the primary purpose  seems more about manipulation, control and oppression of the masses than merely trying to keep the public accurately informed.

I always end up instantly posing these question;


What are they trying to accomplish here? 

Who would benefit if the FUD news accomplishes its purpose?

Well these three and more questions are answered in Ben Armstrong Clickbait YouTube clip;

“Binance INSOLVENT 😱!!”


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