Why ‘Bitcoin Only’

Michelle Makori interviews Cory Klippsten, Founder and CEO of Swan Bitcoin that had correctly predicted the collapse of Luna, Celsius and FTX.

This interview seems to widen that void and difference between Bitcoin and Altcoins (and Tokens) to an even greater degree where I am inclined to call Cory the ‘Peter Schiff’ against the altcoin crypto space. He really does not like that space and hopes that this ‘altcoin crypto winter’ …. remains indefinitely, which includes the number two player Ethereum.

Michelle then poses the question: “Who is Cory Klippsten?” 

“Why should anyone believe that Swan Bitcoin Brokerage is any different to the insolvency contagion now taking place amongst so many major exchanges? 

This and so much more is discussed in this fascinating interview that presents a somewhat different paradigm to the mainstream crypto narrative being shared with us. 




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