Another 101 investing lectuur ..

Another 101 investing lectuur ..

…from the one and only Jaspreet Singh.

Very similar to some of those terribly chosen titles of some of the greatest books I have been reading, don’t allow his sensationalist, attention seeking, click bait like title distract or discourage you. (He actually has an aversion for these kinds of titles but his advisors persuaded him that this was the only way he would be able to grow his YouTube channel)

Once again he wraps up a complex subject in an easy to understand, short, sharp, sweet way explaining both the current macro economic situation, the policies being used to tackle I and why these policies are being used.

He does not express ‘a for or against’ opinion regarding the implemented strategy, but does share what the inevitable results will be. But very similiar to previous economic downtowns, recessions and economic crashes there will be both winners and losers and he wants you to be a winner.

At first he shares two important requirements needed to become part of that minority group that can profit from this downturn.

But then Jaspreet adds a vital third requirement that was not needed in previous crashes. A third factor, that in some cases, even if you don’t apply the first two tips can still make a big difference to your investing strategy.

I could easily share those three vital elements with you here stealing Jaspreet thunder but that’s just not my character. 

Give credit where credit is due and direct people to the source of that credit.

This blog is still just a space where I can get to share my life long learning journey with you so that when I stumble across great content given by great teachers I can then get to share it with you.

Another 101 financial investing bonanza with Mr Jaspreet Singh

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