When your Windows based printer does not print

Just sharing my new topic of discussion in The Microsoft Community Space for some light hearted reading pleasure 😀 .

This is an apparent issue that was raised in september 2021 and now a year later the problem is still present. The issue was closed for comments because the Microsoft IT Team was aware of the bug and were dealing with it, but it’s now a year later and the issue does not seem to have been resolved, because I am having the very same issue so I have decided to raise the issue here and share my general lifetime experience with using Windows especially when it comes to trying to print stuff.  

Every time I attempt to print from a Word document it opens the save to, window with no alternate option to open the printer interface  😦 😦 😦 . While on the one hand hand this is both unbelievable :0  and infuriating 😦 on the other hand this has been my constant experience with Windows from the time Windows 95 was updated to Windows 98 when all I want to do is turn on my pc and get a very simple task done so that I can get on with, my real world life, it denies me this privilege. Or sometimes everything was working just fine until that new update was downloaded and applied, sometimes even making previously working rand hardware no longer compatible. 

My daughter who works as a receptionist for a software company advised me to just send it to her mobile phone and she would print it for me reminding me of what I always have had to do whenever I was  having issues with Windows on my Laptop or PC. My Android phone apparently has superhuman and supercomputing application powers to see and execute what Windows cannot see and execute (such as seeing the printer that is not only sitting right next to the PC but is also connected to the the same wifi network in addition to sometimes being directly connected to that same printer via a USB cable and yet, still insists that the printer is ‘OFFLINE’). Thank God for mobile phones and their apps!!

I just find this so ironic and simply do not understand why this keeps happening. I clearly remember the pre windows DOS based Sinclair ZX Spectrum  and The Commodore 64 home computers with a cable connected ZX Printer or Commodore dot matrix printer with hole perforated printing paper on a roll where every time you executed the PRINT command …… It did just that ……. it printed the document ……everytime :0 :0 :0. Amazing !!! It was a very nostalgic period in my life time ……that apparently will never return. The good old days.

Anyway now that I got that off my chest, can the Microsoft IT team finally get this sorted out once and for all, without us having to check this or that setting, reset or restart our PCs, uninstall and reinstall Windows, Office, completely replacing PC or laptops all together or whatever else we usually have to do. I am an illiterate software User not an Active up to date  Software Analyst, Programmer or Engineer.

Thank You,

 (a very distraught user that has now lost even more time writing this complaint (in a google docs app)).


This blog should not be taken as IT, legal or financial advise. Always do your own due diligence and research before posting your frustration in cyber space.

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