Give me back my gold!!

If I have to wait to share the Andy Schectman theory that I have now listened to on two separate YouTube Channels Rich Dad Radio Show and The Jay Martin Show then it would take me another week to make a good write up intro and that would be another week too late. Also the fact that the best interview with Andy on the Jay Martin show was released over a month ago.

Grab coffee, pen,paper and listen to a really intriguing theory that all started back in 2017 when the Bundesbank demanded their gold back publicly after failing to attain their request discreetly in private. 


This is not financial advice. Always do your own due diligence research before depositing, withdrawing, investing, buying or selling your cash, capital or assets. This is purely written and shared for entertainment purposes only and it is absolutely vital to double check all claims made.

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Life begins at fifty something

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