Economics 101 from a random guy on YouTube

I have discussed Jaspreet Singh from Minority Mindset before without one positive reaction but I don’t care and I am going to share his stuff again because within just a few weeks of following him my financial learning curve has gone parabolic.

I highly recommend both new and experienced investors in the space to give him a chance. It’s like attending an online university economics 101 lecture.

There are so many of his videos since my last blog that I would love to share with you but probably a very different one in his massive YouTube Channel playlist might just be that much more applicable to you personally.

But just to give you yet another example of his awesome ability to teach and simplify the complicated I want to share one of his latest ones dealing with the housing bubble burst, but actually ends up clarifying and explaining the whole FED reserve strategy in general in its mission to fight inflation via interest rates hikes and why its willing to damage the economy negatively in doing so. Whether you personally agree or disagree with the very existence of the Fed and its various strategies and policies over the decades you will have at least a greater understanding why. It’s a very finite balancing act that may or may not achieve its goals.


This blog and links shared must not be viewed or taken as financial advice. This is purely shared for reading entertainment purposes only. Always do your own diligent research and consult a professional if necessary before making any financial decisions or investments.

Just an additional disclaimer to this following links below, I have no affiliate link or financial advantage with Minority Mindset or Marketbriefs (at the time of publishing this blog)

I am primarily sharing it so that you can read his full story. He does offer a course but clearly states half way through it that you should not purchase this course if you cannot afford it and stick to the free educational material he provides first.

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