When everyone is euphoric ..Sell!!

An introduction to David Brady being interviewed by Michael A Gayed on his ‘The Lead Lag Report’ – YouTube Channel.

I am constantly looking out for and saving the very best videos out there providing real financial literacy value, without all the noise, bla bla bla and sensation based click bait without content. In this 45 minute interview I did not detect any of the latter while at the same time being jam packed with a wealth financial investing wisdom and insights.

As a member of Steve Penny’s “The Silver Chartist” platform David Brady is no stranger to me where he serves as one of Steve main content authors. There he shares his views, strategies and opinions in exactly the same way as he does in this interview but for anyone who has never heard of him this is a great introduction to yet another contrarian style investor.

“Emotions are the death of wealth”

Twitter David Brady @GlobalProTrader




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